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May 8, 2024 at 1PM

Have lunch on us and learn about Power Breezer cooling systems.  Ask questions, and demo our products live!

We’ll send you a gift card for lunch, all you have to do is join our call!

With Eric Ormsbee
Inside Sales Director

What Is Dine & Demo?

Power Breezer dine & demo sessions are run by Power Breezer employees to demo and answer questions about Power Breezer cooling systems, live via Zoom.  We buy your lunch, all you have to do is attend the call!

What is a Dine & Demo?

A Dine & Demo is an informal meeting or training session that takes place during lunchtime, allowing participants to eat while learning about a specific topic or skill. It’s a great way to combine learning and networking without taking away from regular work hours.

Who can attend the Dine & Demo?

Any colleagues involved in the decision making process in regards to heat mitigation. Please reach out to your salesperson with the emails of each guest that is not on the calendar invite.

Do I need to bring my own lunch?

No, lunch will be provided at the session via a gift card which can be used to order delivery via Doordash, GrubHub, or other popular delivery apps.

How long does the session last?

The session typically lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. This includes a presentation or discussion followed by a Q&A period where participants can ask questions or share insights.

What topics will be covered?

An overview of power breezer and each of our products and their most useful applications. We encourage any and all questions

Do I need to prepare anything before attending?

There is no preparation required for attendees. However, you might find it helpful to think about any questions you have regarding the topic, as there will be time for discussion.

What if I have more questions after the session?

If you have any further questions after the session, feel free to reach out to Eric Ormsbee. We encourage ongoing learning and will be happy to provide additional resources or support.

We Can't Wait To Dine and Demo With You!


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