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Mounted Atomized Evaporative Cooling Dock Fans

This intelligent dock door fan cools your people automatically improving productivity and safety. Whether used for loading docks or other mounted locations, the Power Breezer SKY will protect the people who keep your business running.

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Power Breezer SKY is a Dock Fan Loaded with Features

Atomized Evaporative Cooling

Power Breezer dock fans use atomized evaporative cooling, which creates tiny droplets of water which are evaporated in order to lower surrounding air temperatures without wetting the surrounding environment and without filters or pads.

Integrated Sensors

Smart thermal and lidar sensors are are capable of providing real time data and adjusting settings in a live environment, including trailers and loading docks.

Water & Electrical Connection

With a water and electrical connection, there's no refilling, no recharging, and the ability to deploy in the most high traffic areas such as dock doors.

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Cutting Edge Design

There's nothing else like it in the market, and makes a direct impact on your teams productivity.

Mounted Configuration

Mount SKY at loading docks, warehouses, or in just about any environment to cool trailers, on assembly lines, and in high traffic where HVAC is too expensive and other solutions just don't work.

Network Capable

Models of SKY also are network capable, providing real time data and diagnostic reports.

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Cool Trailers and Loading Docks With Ease

Trailers and loading docks can become EXTREMELY hot, and affects your workers and their productivity.  With SKY, you can lower temperatures inside trailers and improve working environments.

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