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Evaporative Coolers

Power Breezer mobile and mounted evaporative cooling systems protect people from extreme heat conditions when they need it most

Power Breezer is used by some of the largest organizations in the world

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What Power Breezer Evaporative Coolers Can Do For You

Battle Extreme Heat and Lead With Our Powerful Evaporative Cooling Systems

zero footprint

Zero Footprint

Sustainable cooling systems that take up less space

happy employees

Happy Employees

Your employees morale is directly affected by their comfort - and extreme heat is not comfortable!

attrition rates

Lower Attrition Rates

Happy employees = less attrition.  Employees that are cool & comfortable stay employed longer.

improved safety

Improved Safety

Heat injuries on the job affected hundreds of employers last year - Power Breezer can help you avoid the same mistakes

reduced mistakes

Reduced Mistakes

When people are more comfortable, they are able to focus on the task at hand and the number of mistakes they make goes down

performance icon

Impacts on Performance

Facility managers with quotas and time restraints can't let extreme heat get in the way of production.  Power Breezer can help

Ensure safety & productivity

Evaporative Cooling Like You've Never Seen It Before

Power Breezer is perfect for any busy operation with valuable floor space that's being used constantly. Our mounted and portable systems are capable of cooling where nothing else can while staying out of the way.

Where Can You Find Power Breezer?

Our Mounted & Mobile Evaporative Coolers as Seen In The Wild

At Loading Docks

Where temperatures inside trailers can exceed 120 degrees 

In Warehouses

Our systems are found in warehouses across the United States

On Production Lines

Productivity and accuracy are most important on the line

At Sporting Events

Whether it's Football, Baseball, Soccer, or Basketball - We're On The Sidelines!

In The Military

Used at nearly every U.S. Military Base

In Semi-Enclosed Spaces

Indoor / outdoor spaces such as loading docks and temporary structures

roi report

Still Undecided?

Get an ROI Report from us calculating exactly how much you'll save

Save Money on Employee Attrition
Produce Higher Quality Work
Focus on Sustainability
Improve Your Overall Margins

Intelligent Mounted Cooling

Power Breezer SKY can be found in warehouses and logistics centers across the United States.

SKY is a mounted, network capable atomized evaporative cooling system with a low footprint in busy areas where floor space is important and extreme heat likes to linger.  The intelligent system uses atomized water droplets to cool the surrounding environment and lower air temperatures without getting things wet.

Mounted, Low Footprint Design
Intelligently Cools based on Thermal Data
Network Capable with SKY's one-of-a-kind Technology
Monitor Activity Inside Trailers
intelligent, mounted

Your Team Deserves To Be Cool

Addressing the heat issue is one of the best ways to keep people active for longer, improve the quality of their work, and battle extreme heat.

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