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Our cooling systems are used by Fortune 500's, the U.S. Military, professional sports, and more

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2024 Product Lineup

power breezer e class
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Media Based Evaporative Coolers

power breezer drum fans
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Portable Drum Fans

power breezer portable hvac
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Portable HVAC

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Mobile Atomized Evaporative Coolers

power breezer hvls fans
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Mounted HVLS Ceiling Fans

Mounted Atomized Evaporative Coolers

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Evaporative cooling provides high efficiency cooling in areas the Power Breezer E Class offers mobile long, running performance for your high concentration, machine driven work zones.

Attractive compact design
Wheeled units with integrated water tank for
multiple applications
Long uninterrupted running time without need
of water refilling
Centrifugal fan
Automatic water supply
Eco-friendly: no compressor, no gas,
very low consumption
8.2 foot grounded power cord
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If portable, powerful air movers are what you are looking for then the Power Breezer F Class fans are the way to go. The F Class are rugged high powered mobile fans that will bring cooling to any work zone in your facility.

Roto molded construction for durability
Powerful aluminum fan blades
Stackable design for easy shipping and storage
Design allows multiple units to be joined
15 foot grounded power cord
Four rubber wheels, for convenient transportation and positioning
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If your environment includes workers in high tech positions that need personalized cooling, look no further than the Power Breezer H Class. The H Class is a line of portable, personal air conditioning systems that provide powerful, dry cooling for 1–3 individuals.

Uses environmentally friendly
R410A/R45 refrigerant
No need to install: plug and play, portable and safe
Safety features: overheating temperature and
overload power-off protection
Adjustable swing and bending design of the
air duct, no dead angle exhaust
Dust-proof design of the control panel prevents
dust from entering
Large water bucket capacity
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The Power Breezer M Class is the pinnacle of mobile cooling solutions. Built rugged, these atomizing cooling machines oscillate up to 60 degrees providing a massive cone of cooling for our high concentration work zones.

Durable portable design can be used in hard to
cool indoor and outdoor areas.
No filters, nozzles or hose connections results in
cleaner air, lower costs, and minimal maintenance.
Easy 2-minute set-up just add water and turn on.
Atomized water cools a large area without
getting people or equipment wet.
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Power Breezer C Class units provide ceiling mounted, high volume cooling for your high traffic work areas. Keep air flowing and productivity high with this zero footprint, ceiling mounted powerhouse.

PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) drive motor for slimmer design, reduced weight and double-bearing transmission is completely sealed, making the motor truly maintenance-free
5 Contoured Aluminum Airfoils
Digital wall controller with status interface
Durable construction for long-lasting
Low noise operation

The Power Breezer S Class truly cools where no other solution can. These mounted units provide focused, powerful, intelligent cooling in hard to reach areas such as trailers, pick lines and shipping docks.

Intelligent technology – provides controlled,
adaptable cooling with no user input necessary
Multiple mounting options offer targeted zero
footprint cooling
Atomized water cools a large area without
getting people or equipment wet

Employee Safety and Comfort is #1

Employee turnover rates, OSHA compliance, lost productivity, quality of work, injury claims are all directly affected when temperatures in your facility are too high. 

Lower Attrition Rates

lower attrition

Employees that are happy and comfortable are less likely to turn over.

Improve Productivity


Heat has a direct effect on the productivity of warehouse workers everywhere.

Reduce Mistakes

reduce mistakes

The number of mistakes increases significantly when it's too hot.


What Makes Power Breezer So Great?

Power Breezer's unique selection of technology can cool where nothing else can, and protects thousands of warehouse and facility workers every day for some of the largest organizations in the world.

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