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Your Rental Customers Want Power Breezer.

Our mobile cooling systems are the most advanced, rugged, easily deployable cooling systems for businesses, events, and rental customers.  They rent fast and provide great ROI for rental companies!

Our cooling systems are used by Fortune 500's, the U.S. Military, professional sports, and more

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Your Customer Want To Rent Power Breezers

Cost, employee turnover rates, OSHA compliance, lost productivity, quality of work, injury claims are all directly affected when temperatures in your facility are too high.  We can help!

substantial savings

Substantial Savings

Save money on injury claims

rapid ROI

Rapid ROI

Measurable cost savings can be proven with Power Breezer that reflects on your balance sheet



One of the most sustainable cooling solutions available - with less footprint than HVAC

improved production

Improved Production

Improve your teams productivity and make less mistakes

rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Deploy Power Breezer Mobile at just about any location quickly and efficiently.


Powerful Cooling

Reduce the temperature of surrounding air in extreme heat environments with the power of atomized evaporative cooling


What Makes Power Breezer So Great?

Power Breezer's unique technology can cool where nothing else can, and protects thousands of warehouse and facility workers every day for some of the largest organizations in the world.  Talk to one of our representatives to learn how we can keep your workforce safe with the latest alternative to HVAC.

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