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Extreme Heat Costs
Your Business Money.

Our mounted and mobile cooling systems are the most advanced sustainable alternative to HVAC in the world.  Find out what the buzz is all about!

Our cooling systems are used by Fortune 500's, the U.S. Military, professional sports, and more

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Your Bottom Line Matters and Extreme Heat Isn't Helping

Cost, employee turnover rates, OSHA compliance, lost productivity, quality of work, injury claims are all directly affected when temperatures in your facility are too high.  We can help!

Lower Attrition Rates

lower attrition

Employees that are happy and comfortable are less likely to turn over.

Improve Productivity


Heat has a direct effect on the productivity of warehouse workers everywhere.

Reduce Mistakes

reduce mistakes

The number of mistakes increases significantly when it's too hot.


What Makes Power Breezer So Great?

Power Breezer's unique technology can cool where nothing else can, and protects thousands of warehouse and facility workers every day for some of the largest organizations in the world.  Talk to one of our representatives to learn how we can keep your workforce safe with the latest alternative to HVAC.

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