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Keeping Troops Safe and Productive

The risk of heat stress and personnel safety are concerns of every leader. Power Breezer is a common sight for service members, and has been deployed globally to support mission readiness on almost every major U.S. Military installation.  Power Breezer cools in places where nothing else can – and is MIL-STD 810G certified.

Practical, Cost Effective Cooling

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Power Beezer cools both indoors and out without getting you or your equipment wet. Unlike traditional swamp coolers, Power Breezer uses Atomized Evaporative Cooling which doesn’t require any hose connection and can go where you need it with no need for filters or other maintenance.

Advantages of Power Breezer

  • Low Maintenance
  • No filters or pads to replace or hoses
  • Low operating cost
  • Incredibly reliable technology
  • Rugged, tough design
  • Long range cooling, and wind up to 100 Feet
  • Does not wet the surrounding environment

Power Breezer Has Been Proven Effective

  • ACFT/PRT/BeaverFit Areas - Performance Optimization (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Motorpools/SSAs/Flight Line Maintenance Hangars - Soldiers Improving Productivity and Operational Readiness Rates. (Ducting kit channels cool vapor inside, under, or on top of equipment being serviced)
  • TMP - Disinfecting buses used for troop transport
  • Red Cycle Taskings - Every gate - BMM Tasked Soldiers
  • FTX/BWC/LRC/Ranges/Air Assault Course - Mitigate Heat Risks, Improve Performance (Any training environment)
  • Having redundant capability when primary HVAC is insufficient or down
  • Outdoor Events - CoC/CoR Ceremonies and Organizational Days/Events
  • Deployments - The Power Breezer NSN model is universal voltage 110v/220v and extremely durable and mobile, fits the Expeditionary Missions Set being DoD MIL STD 810H certified.

More Applications

  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Expeditionary Operations
  • Corrections Facilities
  • Training Areas
  • Chow/Mess Hall
  • Hangars
  • Points of Entry
  • Vehicle Inspection Areas
  • Loading Docks
  • Warehouse (SSA)
  • Augmented MILSPEC ECU's for use with Tents

Technical Specifications

To view detailed technical specifications for the The Power Breezer Titan + and Titan Max+ for Government / Military please download the spec sheet.
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Used By All Branches of the U.S. Armed Forces


Every year we strive to buy products that will increase our Soldier’s quality of life while also addressing safety.

Senior Enlist Maintenance Supervisor


I was having to rotate people out frequently to unload trailers, but since we have our Power Breezers, we don't anymore. You can feel a noticable difference just walking into the area.

Senior Manager


Morale is higher and Power Breezers have decreased the incidents to zero this season.

Production Manager



The team cannot say thank you enough and daily they are praising the Power Breezer on our intranet.

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Health and Safety Director
Pepsi / Frito-lay

Powerful, Effective Cooling

Power Breezer provides LINE OF SIGHT cooling via a projected stream of cooled air to where our service personnel need it most. Reducing hot temperatures creates a safer working environment will make people more productive and mission ready.

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Mobile and Rugged
Developed for military use, certified MIL-STD 810G
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No Hose Connection or Filters
85 Gallon Tank holds water to provide days of cooling without risk of clogging
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Oscillating Head
Drives cooled air 60 degrees without getting your team or equipment wet. Average humidity addition in spaces is less than 1%

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