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Power Breezer is an innovative United States based manufacturer of commercial and military grade heat mitigation and sanitization products which are currently deployed across the globe.  We cool the people, not the space!

Built at a state of the art facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Power Breezer is the world’s most advanced mobile atomized evaporative cooling and sanitization system.

Power Breezer has over 100 employees globally, and one of the most responsive customer support teams in the world.


Innovation Starts At The Top
Cutting Edge Technology
The most advanced mobile and mounted evaporative cooling systems in the world
Our research and development teams are constantly innovating and implementing the latest technology into our products. From machine learning to advanced sensors and jet propulsion technology it's no wonder Power Breezer is the industry leader in atomized evaporative cooling solutions.

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Inside Sales – Ext 806
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Equal Opportunities for Everyone

At Maxify we value diversity as a foundation of innovation and unique out of the box perspectives. We lean on our Cultural Pillars of Straight Talk, Bravery, Team Execution, Fail Fast and the Art of the Debrief to bring more diverse thought into all decisions we make.  Our commitment to being an equal opportunity employer and complying with EEOC rules and regulations stems from our deep appreciation of diverse perspectives in the ideation and decision making processes. When it comes to our people decisions and opportunities we do not discriminate for any non-merit characteristics.