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Power Breezer MAX +


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Power Breezer MAX +


The Power Breezer Max + atomized evaporative cooling system provides mist up to 50 ft. and wind up to 100 ft. With this increased power, the Power Breezer Max + can cool any large environment, including large semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. If you need cooling power to the max, look no further. All Units are backed by our 2 Year Warranty.

The Power Breezer Max + evaporative cooler can be used as a deployment mechanism for the water-soluble disinfectants approved by the EPA and CDC that can be used to battle the spread of COVID-19. The applications could include warehouse equipment, racks, recycling centers, vehicle maintenance, manufacturing, logistics, Prisons, School Buses, and innumerable Military applications. The idea is not to disinfect human bodies, but for what they are constantly touching.

***Commercial units bought here and sold to Government/Military end users or used for Government/Military purposes will be considered out of warranty***

Additional information

Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 33 × 77 in

Power Breezer Max+, Power Breezer Titan Max (Govt Only)

Power Breezer Mobile Evaporative Coolers

  1. Atomizer

    Clean atomizing technology provides pure, cool, refreshing air.

  2. Convenient Handle

    Great mobility using convenient handle and rugged wheels.

  3. 85-Gallon Water Tan

    85-gallon tank for five days of powerful cooling.

  4. Easy Access Drain

    The drain can be accessed easily and allows the 85-gallon tank to drain fully.

  5. Locking Rear Wheels

    Locking rear wheels allow for enhanced safety and stability when needed most.

power breezer max product overview front
  1. Cutting-edge Fan Technology

    Patented jet stream technology puts cold air where you need it.

  2. Four Firm Grip Handles

    Makes set-up a breeze.

  3. Oscillation

    60 degree oscillating head cools a broad area.

  4. Easy-to-use Controls

    Universal controls for power, oscillation, moisture control, and fan speed.

  5. Integrated Cord Wrap

    Storage for the 25-foot power cord.

  6. Circuit Breaker

    Convenient access for resetting.

  1. Easy Storage

    The head of the Power Breezer quickly and easily stores in the tank for shipping and storage.

  2. Integrated Lockable Lid Latch

    Locking latch keeps the lid firmly in place when security matters. (lock not included)

  3. Small Footprint

    The Power Breezer Max+ is 29.5” wide and 45.4” deep. It fits through any standard doorway.

  4. Embedded Tie-Downs

    Four tie-downs help to secure the unit during transit. Each tie-down has a capacity of 1,200 lbs.

Learn How We Cool

Check out this video which gives you detailed information on how Power Breezer's atomized evaporative cooling technology works!