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Atomized Evaporative Cooling

Atomized evaporative cooling is an innovative type of temperature reduction that provides powerful, versatile, energy-efficient cooling. Heat is a serious concern, especially in work environments and during sporting events, so having a reliable source of cooling is especially important.

What is Atomized Evaporative Cooling?

Atomized evaporative cooling is a patented type of cooling technology that uses powerful atomizers to drop temperatures using water and evaporation. There are many different types of portable cooling systems, such as portable air conditioners, swamp coolers, and misting fans, however, all of these machines have their pros and cons and are very different from one another.

Evaporative cooling is a sustainable method of cooling that provides exceptional results using less energy than other types of cooling systems. A natural example of evaporative cooling can be found at the base of large waterfalls.  It is especially useful in hot, dry climates, and anywhere where traditional air conditioning or swamp coolers just won’t cut it. Compared to air conditioning, it is significantly less costly, as it uses less energy to perform.

How Does Atomized Evaporative Cooling Work?

The process of atomized evaporative cooling uses evaporation technology to produce powerful cooling capabilities. It works using evaporating water to drive up the humidity, lowering the temperatures in the process.

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Unlike swamp coolers, which also use evaporation to cool the air, atomized evaporative cooling uses an atomizer. Instead of using water-saturated pads and filters like a swamp cooler to produce cooling, the atomizer produces tiny droplets which are then evaporated, to cool the air in a more powerful, sanitary, and efficient way. Power Breezer cooling systems also can direct the flow of air up to 100 feet away for long range cooling.

To compare atomized evaporative cooling and a portable air conditioner, the energy demands are much lower than using an AC system. Portable air conditioners recirculate the air in the space, while atomized cooling produces continuously flowing cool air in a more cost-effective way. Portable air conditioners can’t be used outdoors and can sometimes be hard to use in restrictive spaces due to the need for exhaust.

Benefits of Atomized Evaporative Cooling

military fitness atomized coolingAtomized cooling offers a wide range of benefits for many industries, workplaces, and businesses. This type of cooling is a robust solution to mitigate heat in demanding environments. The benefits of using an atomized evaporative cooling system are ample; they include:

  • They are the latest state-of-the-art form of evaporative cooling, without the need for filters or pads which can cost over $150 each and need to be replaced regularly
  • No bad smells and mold like you’d get from a swamp cooler
  • Ensuring all people within the designated space remain cool and comfortable.
  • Cooling without making the surrounding environment wet
  • These systems are versatile and portable so they can be moved from one location to another.
  • They provide powerful continuous airflow and in many cases sanitization capabilities
  • They offer an energy-efficient solution to cooling large areas.
  • These systems can be used outdoors, which is very helpful on military bases, at sporting events, and anywhere where people outdoors need to be cool.
  • They can be used in spaces where people are frequently moving around
  • They are more cost-effective than most other similar types of cooling technology, particularly in regards to the efficiency of the cooling.

Industries Using Atomized Evaporative Cooling

In workplaces such as trailers, loading docks, and warehousing, temperatures can reach over 120 degrees, making it extremely unsafe to perform physical labor. In these circumstances, having an efficient device that can keep workers cool on demand is essential. Amazon and FedEx are two companies that use these systems in their operations to provide cooling.

The U.S. Military is another major entity that takes advantage of this innovative technology. Across all branches of the military, on bases around the world, Power Breezer atomized evaporative cooling machines are deployed to keep servicemen and women cool, safe, and comfortable as they perform mission-critical tasks.

In the sports industry, atomized cooling is widely used. From high schools such as Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Fl, to college sports, MLB, and the NFL, these machines are used during practices, during games, and during events to keep players, coaches, and bystanders safe and cool. During SuperBowl 2021, Power Breezer atomized cooling systems were used in abundance to keep athletes, coaching and administrative staff, as well as spectators cool during the event and were visible on the sidelines.

Atomized Evaporative Cooling VS Other Cooling Systems

water coolign mistThere are many ways to cool a space to bring down temperatures and promote air circulation. Among the most common methods are using portable air conditioners, central air conditioners, swamp coolers, misting fans, other types of evaporative coolers, and loading dock fans.

What sets typical evaporative cooling systems apart from these types of machines is how they are designed, the components they work with, and the results they generate. While each of the above-mentioned types of cooling systems has the ability to cool a space, none have all of the features or power of atomized evaporative cooling.

In most cases, an atomized evaporative cooling fan will use less energy than other types of cooling systems. They are so clean and powerful in their production of cool air that they are even used for sanitization purposes. As opposed to many other types of cooling systems, which produce mold and algae over time, and could never actually sanitize a space.

Unlike central air conditioners, these systems can be moved when you need to. They can be used in outdoor settings like sports fields, as well as in transitional areas like loading docks and warehouses, in contrast to systems that must be used in one specific area.

Power Breezer equipment offers the latest in industrial and military-grade cooling systems. They feature innovative technology powerful enough to drop temperatures by as much as 27 degrees, outdoors, and in environments where standard air conditioning just isn’t going to cut it.

The premise behind Power Breezer machines is protecting people. Keeping people cool, to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and able to perform as needed is the mission of the company. Considering these machines are used around the world, at US military bases globally, for major professional sporting events, and prominently in the shipping and warehouse industry, they provide superior cooling capabilities under some of the most trying conditions.

Atomized evaporative cooling offers a dynamic range of benefits that serve many industries and purposes. This unique method of cooling does what most other cooling systems cannot, in an efficient, effective, and powerful manner. Whether for keeping workers and players safe, or to provide industrial-level sanitization, Power Breezer machines cool like nothing else can. To learn more about the capabilities and offerings regarding atomized cooling, contact our team!

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