Atomized Evaporative
Cooling Technology

At Power Breezer we design, build, and install mounted and mobile atomized evaporative cooling systems to mitigate costs of heat for a wide array of industries and applications including warehouses, stadiums, and the military.

Mobile Cooling
power breezer evaporative coolers and misting fans facing right
Powerful industral strength cooling for indoor and outdoor spaces of all sizes.
Mounted Cooling
mounted power breezer evaporative cooling dock fans
Mounted cooling for locations with limited floor space and loading docks.
Top Customer Outcomes & Results
Teams experience higher productivity when working in cooler environments
Fast ROI
Annual savings average with payback in weeks
Reduced turnover and improved morale with cooler temperatures

The Power Breezer Difference

Power Breezer intelligent evaporative cooling systems are changing the face of cooling by cooling people, not the space. Using jet propulsion technology to distribute cooled air to protect your people indoors (warehouses, plant, production floors, distribution centers, loading docks, trailers) and out. Power Breezer will keep you cool and save you money.

  • Used by Fortune 50 companies to increase productivity and improve morale by 20-30%
  • Ready now and built to reduce mistakes and improve morale to handle any environment
  • Industrial and battle-tested to deliver mission-critical performance and the fastest ROI on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

Power Breezer is a US based company that builds advanced mobile and fixed atomized evaporative cooling systems for businesses, municipalities, and the military.

Power Breezers patented atomized evaporative cooling technology uses an “atomizer” to create a fine mist which is evaporated in order to cool the surrounding air up to 27 degrees Fahrenheit indoors or outdoors. Unlike a swamp cooler, no filters are required - which means less chance of mold and less maintenance - and unlike a misting fan or portable air conditioner, atomized evaporative coolers don’t get the surrounding environment wet or use lots of energy.

The Power Breezer SKY is an intelligent, mounted atomized evaporative cooling system that is useful for cooling where no one else can such as trailers, loading docks, shipping containers, warehouses, shops, hangars, and more.

Power Breezer’s atomized evaporative cooling technology evaporates water completely and does not wet the surrounding environment as the water evaporates within 6 feet when properly configured.

Power Breezer’s use patented atomized evaporative cooling technology, which does not require filters and does not collect mold and bacteria the way swamp coolers do. Swamp coolers are inconvenient, and outdated.

Yes, Portacools are very different than Power Breezers. Power Breezers use patented atomized evaporative cooling technology which uses an atomizer to create small water droplets that are evaporated into the air to reduce the surrounding air temperature without the need for any filters. Portacool uses “swamp coolers” which require the use of filters.

Power Breezer is proud to be a U.S. company based in Charlotte, N.C. with over 100 employees throughout North America and dealers located across the globe.

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