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Digital Messaging Maverick (aka Digital Messaging Strategist)

Last Modified: March 11, 2024

Power Breezer Headquarters

Charlotte, NC..

Full Time

Hybrid in Charlotte, North Carolina

About the Role:

Do you speak fluent meme and hashtag? Can you wield emojis with the precision of a samurai? Is your digital banter so on-point that Siri and Alexa regularly ask you for tips? 🤔💡 If you nodded so enthusiastically that you risked minor whiplash, then buckle up, buttercup – because you’re the kind of Digital Messaging Maverick we’re looking for!

We’re on the prowl for a wizard of words, a sultan of syntax, a champion of chat to join our whimsically wild team. As our Digital Messaging Strategist, you’ll concoct compelling conversations that captivate cyberspace and turn digital dialogue into an art form.

Core Responsibilities:

– Craft killer content that’ll make our brand’s digital presence pop, sizzle, and everything in between.

– Engage with our community not just with the charm of a digital Don Juan but with the precision of a community cupid, aiming your bow of bon mots to win hearts across platforms.

– Play master puppeteer with our social media strings, making sure our messages dance delightfully across the digital stage.

– Plunge into the analytics abyss and emerge victorious with insights that will turn our strategic messaging into a goosebump-inducing experience.

– Stay ahead of trends like you’ve got a crystal ball wired to the web, ensuring our brand never misses a beat on the latest meme train.

– Be the digital dynamo that coordinates cross-channel messaging, ensuring it clicks, ticks, and sticks together in sweet, sweet harmony.


– A top hat full of tricks when it comes to social media savoir-faire and digital decorum.

– The agility to hop between platforms like a parkour pro leaping across rooftops (bonus points for GIF game).

– A treasure chest of experience in crafting digital content that’s more engaging than a kitten video.

– A zest for analytics that rivals a kid’s enthusiasm for ice cream.

– Team spirit that’s so infectious, you could sell hand sanitizer to a germ.


– Ability to communicate with the brevity of a tweet and the depth of a blog post—all while standing on the shifting sands of SEO.

– A sense of humor that’s both sparkling and brand-appropriate (no dad jokes unless they’re so bad, they’re good).

– A knack for discovering the next ‘big thing’ on the internet before it’s cool. Hipsters, eat your heart out.

Perks & Play:

– A fully loaded tech-suite so your digital dojo is always dojo-ing.

– Unlimited virtual high-fives and GIF-offs with colleagues.

– Flexible hours – because inspiration strikes at the strangest times.

– A pet-friendly policy that makes every day ‘bring your pet to work’ day.

– The kind of creative freedom that’ll make you feel like you’re the Picasso of the pixelated world.

So, if you’re ready to tweet, post, and TikTok your way into the hearts and screens of our audience, send us a carrier pigeon or, you know, just apply the usual way with your resume and a cover letter that dazzles us like a smartphone screen at midnight.

Apply Now and show us you’ve got the emoji-empathy and tweet-tastic talent to take our brand to the stars and beyond! 🚀👾📱

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