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There are countless options available on the market for cooling industrial spaces, workplaces, homes, and events. Among these different devices and methods is evaporative cooling. Power Breezer’s patented atomized evaporative coolers are an alternative to swamp coolers and portable air conditioning units.  Atomized evaporative cooling is clearly the next evolution of evaporative cooling – go on and read more!

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is a method of cooling the air temperature, to create a more comfortable environment using evaporation. It is a sustainable and energy-efficient way to cool the air, often used in dry, hot climates. Evaporative cooling methods are significantly less costly than other methods of air cooling, particularly air conditioning.

Where are Evaporative Coolers Used?

In regards to hot working conditions, evaporative cooling is a superb option to cool the air in a comfortable, safe, effective, energy-efficient manner. Using minimal resources, and with the capability of being used outdoors, an evaporative cooling system can produce results more versatile and more accommodating than nearly any other type of cooling mechanism.

Industries That Use Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are used in a wide variety of applications, industries, and circumstances. From professional sports to loading docks to warehouses for shipping and fulfillment; any type of environment that requires cooling in a cost-effective manner can benefit from evaporation cooling. The United States Military, Amazon, and Pepsi are among the many entities that take advantage of this technology to keep their workers and staff safe in high temperatures.

Evaporative cooling systems are especially useful on job sites because maintaining comfortable temperatures is extremely important for the safety and health of workers, especially in hot climates. Research and studies have shown that in work environments, as temperatures rise, productivity decreases. Along these lines, as recommended by the guidelines set forth by NIOSH, eliminating hazards is the simplest and most effective manner to handle them.

Furthermore, these cooling devices are also heavily utilized by a wide array of athletic teams and organizations for their powerful cooling abilities and flexibility in various environments. From school sports teams to professional athletic organizations such as the NFL, evaporation cooling is an incredible technology being used to maintain safe, comfortable temperatures for athletes, coaches, and spectators.

How Evaporative Coolers Work

In the simplest terms, evaporative cooling works by evaporating water in order to increase humidity and therefore lower temperature. When water evaporates, it produces a cooling effect, and evaporative coolers take this principle into account in their design.

Swamp Coolers and Atomized Evaporative Coolers are not the same thing

In a “swamp cooler” evaporative cooling system, cooling is provided through the technology of passing air over pads saturated with water, which causes the water to evaporate quickly, and as a result, cooling this moving air. The air is generally cooled an average of 20 degrees, and the system uses a fan to propel it into the space. At the same time, the process also removes warm air by forcing it out using the power of the moving cool air.

swamp cooler diagram how it works

In an atomized evaporative cooling system, such as the Power Breezer, water passes through an atomizer which creates tiny droplets that are evaporated and do not wet the surrounding environment, while cooling the air. These systems are more efficient than swamp coolers and do not require the use of filters or pads.

power breezer diagram

In comparison to portable air conditioners, which recirculate the air, evaporative cooling offers a continuous stream of fresh, cool air without the power demands and expense.

Common Evaporative Cooler Parts

While different brands of evaporative coolers may vary from one brand to the next in regards to the specific parts contained within, most evaporative cooling systems contain several universal elements. Among these are:

The Motor: An essential component that drives the system, the motor is the power source behind the machine.

The Fan: The fan is the component that regulates the airflow of the machine, blowing the generated cool air automatically out of the system to cool the area.

Evaporative Pads: For Swamp coolers (not atomized evaporative coolers like Power Breezer) Evaporation pads are saturated with water, which is where the cooling technology of the system comes into play. Water is continuously flowing to the pads to ensure they remain wet. When cool air is blown on the pads, the water begins to evaporate and cool the air.

Atomizer:  Atomized evaporative cooling systems have an atomizer in the head which creates tiny droplets of water that are evaporated in order to cool the surrounding air.  Atomized evaporative cooling systems are not like misting fans and will not wet the surrounding environment.

The Float: Within the system, the float regulates the water level, ensuring it does not get too high or too low, so that the evaporative cooler maintains the correct water height for performance.

The Pump: The component of the system that continuously brings in the water to power the cooling.

Pros of Evaporative Coolers

  • Can cool temperatures by an average of 20 – 30 degrees.
  • Versatile enough for a variety of different spaces.
  • Excellent for use in hot, dry climates.
  • An energy-efficient alternative to traditional central air conditioning.
  • Cost-effective and affordable cooling solution.
  • Simpler set-up than having a central AC installed.
  • An ideal solution for businesses that need to maintain cool temperatures for workers, but also need economical solutions to manage company overheads.
  • Atomized evaporative coolers do not require pads or filters (unlike Swamp Coolers)
  • Does not contain any chemicals

Cons of Evaporative Coolers

  • Swamp cooler evaporative coolers require regular maintenance
  • Less effective than central air conditioners for cooling to very low temperatures.
  • These systems require water
  • Some evaporative swamp coolers require a water supply hose that may create slip and trip hazards.

Evaporative cooling is the clear choice for a wide variety of locations and venues. It offers many benefits and can be utilized as an energy-saving, budget-friendly option for controlling air temperatures for comfort and safety. One excellent option in regards to evaporative coolers is the Power Breezer, which is the latest in atomized evaporative cooling systems. These machines do not contain filters like most other types of evaporative coolers, and they run on atomized cooling technology which outperforms swamp coolers.

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