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We Help E-Commerce, Manufacturing, and Package Handling Companies To Retain Employees, Reduce Costs, Grow, and Win. We are the singular, most cost-effective, solution for cooling the people responsible for loading and unloading eCommerce trailers. We are rapidly becoming the default solution for cooling where machines stop and humans take over.

While much of e-commerce fulfillment is automated, trailer loading is not. An estimated four million essential workers work inside trailers worldwide, manually loading and unloading parcels onto conveyor belts. When it is 80℉ outdoors, the temperature in these trailers can exceed 95℉, and this immense heat burden on workers reduces throughput and contributes to increased employee attrition, more than triple the direct cost of parcel loading during the summer months, typically from May to October.

High temperatures not only impact the e-commerce industry’s bottom line, but also the critical first and last link, the unloaders, and loaders, who are exposed to extreme heat stress when working in trailers. To address this problem, we developed the Power Breezer Sky, a unique, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) powered, the autonomous eco-friendly, cooling solution that is subject to four pending patents.

Our AI-enabled solutions help customers reduce the extreme costs of summer heat, accelerate throughput, increase quality, reduce employee turnover, reduce safety incidents, and comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (“OSHA”) workplace safety standards. In short, by cooling where no one else can, our products save our customers millions of dollars and increase employee retention, safety, morale, and productivity. In fact, due to the extreme costs of heat, we almost always deliver a Return On Investment within a couple of months.

Similar technology is used in our mobile cooling solutions, the Power Breezer Mach-4 and Power Breezer O2. We believe that our cooling solutions are uniquely suited to meet current market demand. We believe that the Power Breezer Sky fulfills a gap in the e-commerce and distribution space by providing trailer cooling to meet essential consumer demands in a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective manner. We also believe that our mobile cooling solutions, the Power Breezer MACH-4 and O2, will continue to be valuable in all market segments where portability matters, including the governmental and rental equipment markets.

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