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Autonomous, Intelligent Trailer Cooling

Trailers are ovens radiating heat with temps as high as 120°F, causing extreme worker fatigue – impacting both your productivity and profitability. On average, the cost of heat for an employee working in a trailer is 3 times that of other warehouse workers. Cooling through traditional methods like fans or air conditioning or loading dock fans is not effective or costs an organization millions of dollars to install and manage annually.

Introducing the Power Breezer SKY and intelligent technology designed to cool where nothing else can. Using Atomized Evaporative Cooling, the autonomous, intelligent system cools your people automatically improving productivity and safety. Whether used for loading docks or other mounted locations, the Power Breezer SKY will protect the people who keep your business running.

The Power Breezer SKY is a mounted and plumbed cooling solution designed to provide cooling in areas where your team is at greatest risk for heat stress.

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No one enjoys working in extreme heat. Trailers represent some of the most extreme conditions with temperatures exceeding 100℉ most of the summer. The Power Breezer is changing how workplace performance gets done, as it helps keep workers comfortable and safe.

The Power Breezer SKY utilizes a unique system that provides immense temperature control by reducing the heat in the trailer using our high-powered fans and patented atomized evaporative cooling technology. The result is a reduction in temperatures, improving productivity, and keeping your associates safe. Watch our video demonstration on how we help.

  1. Cutting-edge Fan Technology

    Patented jet stream technology puts cold air where you need it.

  2. Control Panel

    Convenient interface for manual control and real-time display of sensor and environmental data

  3. Adaptable Design

    Easily swivel Arm Mount and Cooling Unit into a stored position when not needed.

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  1. Atomizer

    Clean atomizing technology provides pure, cool, refreshing air.

  2. Integrated Sensors

    Detects motion, proximity, temperature and humidity.

  3. Universal Mount

    Allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment

  4. Dual Arm Mount

    Allows for one or two cooling units

  5. Optional (20 Watt, 2,200 Lumen) LED Flood Light

    For illuminating trailers, loading docks, and other areas.

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Trailer Cooling Requires Cutting Edge Technology

Intelligent autonomously controlled mist responding to

  • Ambient conditions
  • Parcels location
  • People and parcel movement

Novel Atomization Technology

  • 5X gain in cooling capacity
  • 50% reduction in droplet size
  • Overflow, lead proof redundancy controls
  • 6 Patents pending on design and intelligence
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The Power Breezer Difference

  • An intelligent system with cutting edge sensors designed to adapt to any environment.
  • Autonomous mode monitors conditions and adjust misting and air speeds without user input for true set and forget convenience.
  • Industry-leading atomized evaporative cooling technology means packages stay dry and employees stay cool.
  • Designed using time-tested construction that is widely adopted by both Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Military
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