There are Four Hidden Costs of Heat

Heat can easily cost over $2,500 per month for subjected employees. For employees that work inside of a trailer, these costs can easily double. Get more about each hidden cost of heat and contact us to get your own customized assessment and report.
Reduce Mistakes
Heat causes employees to make mistakes when they need to be at their best

In a study, NASA measured people just typing. At a temperature of 90°F , they made 42% more mistakes than at 80°F . At 95°F , they did 4x the amount of mistakes than at 80°F degrees! In a setting where people are actually hustling, moving, using tools/equipment, it is much more serious.

A mistake can be as little as taking an extra few seconds to re-tighten a screw or something potentially dangerous. It is all the little motions that add up.

Cost of Quality is expensive. A 1% increase in defects has shown a correlation to a direct reduction in revenue at a 2:1 ratio.

mistakes from nasa
Mistakes increase exponentially with temperature. Mistakes cause defects.
Improve Productivity
Keeping employees cool and productive saves you money and improves quality of work.

Heat has been shown to cause cognative declines in employees causing a slowdown in productivity. According to Forbes, when workers decline in productivity, the organization they are working for is also less productive. Also, people tend to stay home in the heat and are more prone to dehydration and heat stroke.

increase productivity chart
Above 77°F you lose 1% efficiency for every degree, at 77°F you loose 1% efficiency for every degree. At 90°F you have lost 29% and at 95°F your lost productivity is at 45%!
Create Safer Working Environments
Heat related injuries and accidents can double in hot summer months and cost more than $50K+ per incident

OSHA describes outdoor heat injuries as being totally preventable. There are occupational risk factors that can cause heat illness including physical activity, extremely hot working conditions, lack of acclimization, and wearing of clothing that is not breathable.

Employers should always protect their workers from the possibility of heat-related illnesses. Without proper protection, employers can be exposed to liabilities and hefty fines.

safer working environments
Keep Your Team Happy
Replacing Employees costs 15-25% of their annual pay
When it's hot, attrition doubles. During the hottest time of the year, those that sweat more, leave more. At 20% cost of replacement $15/hr the cost of turnover is $520/month.
keep your team happy
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