Safely Protecting At Risk Employees is Key

Providing solutions that keep employees cool and safe is paramount now more than ever. The Power Breezer provides peace of mind to protect those exposed to heat from non-compliance as well as a ~3X injury rate increase.

Safer Working Conditions

Power Breezer technologies support clients in reaching their employee health and safety requirements by reducing heat stress, associated accident rates, and heat-related illness and injury.

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Worker performance and heat are directly related and studies show that higher temperatures decrease productivity rates.  If workers are working in harsh environments,  they are likely to miss more work which has a direct effect on production and output.

Employees that are exposed to extreme conditions on the job are more likely to quit, creating expense for your business. Also the work they do, probably won’t be the same quality as if they were working in a comfortable environment.

If employees are happy, comfortable, feel like they are being acknowledged,  and know they are being valued they are likely to make less mistakes and stay longer.

Employee Attrition

power breezer at a factoryHeat can have a direct affect on employee attrition, and can cost your business a lot of money.  According to OSHA and the U.S. Department of Labor, attrition rates double when workers are faced with constant hot conditions.  The data shows that people who sweat more while they are working are more likely to quit.  Replacing employees costs 15% – 25% of their yearly pay, which is an expense most businesses would like to avoid having to throw away.

What You Can Do About It

It’s important to make sure you understand the importance of heat mitigation for any business where employees are exposed to extreme conditions.  Keep people cool with atomized evaporative coolers from Power Breezer!  Our systems offer the most advanced level of cooling for any business setting.  Originally developed for the military, they are become a popular choice among some of the largest businesses and organizations across the globe.


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