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Athletes at all levels of competition; whether professional, college, or youth – push their bodies to the ultimate limits. During games, events, practice, and training, they are expected to perform under tremendous pressure, variable weather conditions, and often very high temperatures. To keep athletes, coaches, personnel, and spectators safe, ensuring everyone has access to heat mitigation methods is necessary. Power Breezer technology is taking this concept further than any other entity on the market. With patent-pending technology and the ability to provide powerful temperature reduction in the most demanding conditions, Power Breezer’s innovations are making it possible for athletes to stay cool while playing.

Used by the NFL, MLB, during the Super Bowl, at colleges, and high school sporting events, Power Breezer sideline fans are the top sideline cooling choice for keeping athletes cool, safe, and comfortable.

Managing Heat to Mitigate Risk

There are so many options on the market designed to (hopefully) protect athletes from heat when they are training or playing. From cooling towels, to sports gels, protective clothing, and misting fans, the list of products is exhaustive, and unfortunately, when it comes to true heat mitigation, they can only provide minimal cooling.

Athletes performing in the heat need reliable, versatile, and effective cooling solutions. This is where having powerful sideline fans comes in. These fans can be positioned precisely to channel the cool breeze where it will have the greatest effect. For athletes and spectators, they can provide much-needed relief in a way nothing else can.

Rising Temperatures Are an Additional Challenge for Athletes

The earth’s temperature continues to rise. During the past several years, temperatures across the earth’s surface (both land and water) have risen by 1.42°F degrees. This means athletes performing outdoors have dealt with the earth’s hottest temperatures on record first-hand, over the past few years, according to The Washington Post. The summer of 2020 was considered one of the hottest ever, and June of 2021 was the hottest June ever, in North America. While these temperatures are alarming overall, they are especially of concern for athletes. As temperatures are expected to continually rise, athletes are going to face even hotter conditions in the near future and measures must be taken to ensure their safety.

As we all know, heat can be very dangerous with severe consequences; heat-related illnesses, heatstroke, and even death are possible, and for athletes exerting themselves to the max, the heat poses even greater dangers. For sports clubs, athletic departments, leagues, and associations, these risks are too dangerous not to manage carefully. Heat mitigation must be taken seriously and using the right technology can ensure athletes can perform and compete at the highest level, in safe, comfortable conditions.

Power Breezer Sideline Fans

Along these lines, more and more sports teams and leagues are choosing to use powerful sideline fans from Power Breezer to help manage heat in outdoor spaces. While they are not the only fans that can be run outdoors to help mitigate heat, they are among the most powerful and versatile. They also feature the most advanced cooling technology to be used in extremely difficult conditions. Many fans provide minimal cooling by just forcefully blowing air. This certainly provides more comfort than no measure at all, but it is not much more than hot air being blown.

The Power Breezer Difference

Power Breezer fans run on atomized evaporative cooling, which has the potential to drop temperatures, even outdoors. These fans can cover extremely large areas, they are portable, and they can be positioned precisely wherever needed to provide the most effective cooling. On the sidelines at sporting events, they have proven to be excellent heat mitigation tools, keeping all people in the area – from athletes to fans – cool and comfortable.

How They Work: Power Breezer’s Unique Technology

power breezer on football sidelines

Power Breezer fans offer the most dynamic evaporative cooling in a mobile system. The company is dedicated to an immense level of research and development to develop effective solutions to manage heat. Power Breezer systems utilize the technology of atomized evaporative cooling to drop temperatures by evaporating water without the need for pads or filters.

They run on water, producing powerful cooling capabilities, with large tanks that do not require constant refilling. These systems produce such clean, fresh mist, which is fully evaporated and does not cool the surrounding area.  They can also even be used for disinfection. This is in great contrast to traditional swamp coolers, which are prone to mold and bacteria over time due to their filters and other internal mechanisms.

Power Breezer is the industry leader in heat mitigation solutions that help people stay cool, comfortable, and safe. In the intense, demanding world of sports, having efficient cooling systems is essential for athlete performance, comfort, and safety. On sidelines all over the country, and even at the Super Bowl, Power Breezer is the top choice for outdoor cooling.