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Danny Gargano is the Digital Marketing Manager at Power Breezer since 2021. Danny is an analytical thinker with over a decade of experience at digital marketing agencies and telecommunications.

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Major 2023 Heat Waves Are Coming – Now It’s Time To Prepare

Posted on: 04 Jan 2023

Back in 2022, we saw major heat waves sweep across the United States causing record temperatures, crippling droughts, and causing thousands of injuries and deaths to people who were exposed to extreme temperatures. In order to operate effectively in 2023, any organization with workers, athletes, or soldiers who are exposed to high temperatures must prepare […]

Picking The Best Dock Door Seals

Posted on: 20 Oct 2022

If you work in a facility that has a serious problem with heat, you can’t ignore that the average 8 foot by 10 foot loading dock allows a lot of cool air to get sucked out of the building. To mitigate the loss of cool air and to put a stop to workplace injuries due […]

The Best Ways To Cool Your Loading Docks

Posted on: 07 Oct 2022

If you have a facility, warehouse, or commercial building of any kind with multiple loading docks – you have probably noticed that in summer months the heat can build up like an oven inside of trailers and warehouses creating dangerous work conditions and causing a decline in overall morale and employee retention. To cool your […]

Extreme Heat CAN KILL You

Posted on: 13 Sep 2022

Across the United States, rising temperatures have given rise to heat waves well into fall and a record number of heat injuries. In California, schools have been closing, events have been canceled, and residents are wondering when relief will be in sight. Unfortunately, the future weather outlook does not look so positive. Now is the […]

A Punishing Summer Heatwave in California

Posted on: 02 Sep 2022

A triple digit heat wave has struck workers across California with the hottest weather of the year Labor Day week 2022 especially at warehouses, fulfillment centers, athletic events, and outdoor professions where there is no air conditioning. The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings which advise people to stay hydrated and avoid being outdoors […]

Extreme Heat is Getting More Intense During 2022

Posted on: 11 Aug 2022

The weather forecast is sizzling during summer 2022 breaking all time heat records. There have been more hot days than ever before. Our society isn’t slowing down, and it’s becoming more and more clear that long term solutions are now necessary to keep up with rising temperatures such as stations for hydration and equipment that […]

Beat Inflation and Heat with Power Breezer

Posted on: 01 Aug 2022

For businesses across the globe 2022 has been a challenging year due to supply chain pressures and rising inflation. While we contend with these new pressures – soaring summer temperatures are creating high risk workspaces, in turn costing organizations money from employee turnover and lost productivity. These costs may be felt in the short and […]

Thermal Comfort and Why It’s Important To Your Team

Posted on: 11 Jul 2022

The human body is like an engine, constantly producing heat and energy with many different processes available for operating in a hot environment. Although comfort can be subjective – dangerous heat conditions are not. Humans have limitations when it comes to heat tolerance, and it’s important to keep operating conditions in the workplace within acceptable […]

Helping World Market Employees Stay Safe and Cool

Posted on: 21 Jun 2022

As you slide into summer heat and safety stories – meet Power Breezer, the world’s most advanced mounted & mobile atomized evaporative cooling system. While millions of people click and shop online for everything from produce and vitamins to pool floats and iPad covers – the staff fulfilling orders at our distribution centers, farms, and […]

The June 2022 Heat Wave

Posted on: 14 Jun 2022

2022 is setting records for extreme heat across the US with over 100 million people on high alert.  Americans from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast are in the affected areas as temperatures reach triple digits. Humidity levels will make the heat feel 5 to 15 degrees hotter with a heat index of 115 […]

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