Major 2023 Heat Waves Are Coming – Now It’s Time To Prepare

major heat waves in 2023

Back in 2022, we saw major heat waves sweep across the United States causing record temperatures, crippling droughts, and causing thousands of injuries and deaths to people who were exposed to extreme temperatures.

In order to operate effectively in 2023, any organization with workers, athletes, or soldiers who are exposed to high temperatures must prepare and use the proper tools to avoid this hazard which can cause lost profits, or even worse – a tragedy.

In order to help you beat the heat, this post includes information and resources on how to avoid heat injuries on the job – and of course, our Power Breezer product line of powerful mobile and mounted evaporative cooling systems that directly combat the issues related to heat injuries.

Don’t Wait – Demand was Intense Last Summer

Once the heat records were broken in 2022, many people panicked.  A majority of businesses waited until it was too late to purchase heat mitigation products like HVAC, Power Breezers, evaporative coolers, swamp coolers, and more.  As a result, there were extreme lead times for some brands and by the time the product arrived – it was already too late.  We have been scaling our business to keep up with demand, so our recommendation is to purchase what you need as early in the year as possible to ensure availability and prudent planning.

Heat Waves Cost You Money & Increase Liability

Let’s bottom line this – Heat waves have direct financial costs that affect your business or organization – in more ways than one.

  • Attrition Rates – Hiring is harder than ever right now.  If your workers are exposed to extreme temperatures this year their mood is going to decline and they will be less motivated to work as their energy levels are depleted faster during the work day.
  • Safety – Lawsuits, claims, injuries, and even deaths.  With new OSHA regulations and record heat injuries over the past 2 years, in many places businesses are required to mitigate heat their employees are exposed to.  If you ignore the problem, people will get hurt and your business could be liable for damages.
  • Productivity – The last thing you want to do sacrifice your production and burning out employees.  In order to keep them working as long and effectively as possible, providing a comfortable work environment is crucial.
  • Reduce Mistakes – People make less mistakes when they are physically and mentally at their best – and exposure to extreme heat almost always results in less accurate work and potential for issues.

Swamp Coolers Aren’t Cutting It

Swamp coolers commonly seen at major big box retailers and rental companies typically require the use of filters / pads that have to be periodically replaced, they are big and ugly (just being honest), usually have a small water capacity, and don’t oscillate for better coverage.  Power Breezer, on the other hand, doesn’t use filters, has up to 100ft of wind range, 85 gallon capacity, and oscillates a full 180 degrees of coverage for the Mobile models. 

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