Power Breezer and SimiGon Merger Closes to Form Maxify Solutions, Inc.

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4 APRIL 2022 – CHARLOTTE, NC -Maxify Solutions, Inc (Maxify), a global leader in cooling solutions that increase the productivity of both people and assets in the e-commerce fulfillment industry, is proud to announce the completion of its merger with SimiGon Inc (SimiGon), a global leader in modeling, simulation and training solutions. On December 16th 2021, Breezer Holdings LLC dba Power Breezer ( approved the sale of its business to Maxify Solutions, Inc (Maxify). With this announcement, Maxify has now completed the merger with SimiGon.

E-commerce logistics warehouses are rapidly becoming a hub for advanced automation. Simigon’s unique simulation and Digital Twining capabilities will enable the industry with tools for continued optimization in efficiencies of both people and machines,” said Jack Sarnicki, President of SimiGon Inc. Under the merger, SimiGon will become a US-owned company, joining Power Breezer, as Maxify business units, continue to market our SimiGon products under the SimiGon brand.. Maxify will implement SIMbox™ technology with the purpose of accelerating Dock Management System adaptations. SimiGon’s integration with Maxify will enhance Power Breezer’s capabilities in the e-commerce logistics space. Maxify will combine the strengths of both Power Breezer and SimiGon’s advanced technology to address the gaps of modern fulfillment centers in their integration of cutting-edge solutions from multiple automation suppliers. Combining the software capabilities of SimiGon with the hardware capabilities of Power Breezer, Maxify will expedite delivery of smart cooling devices and intelligent dock area monitoring systems for real-time productivity and safety metrics gains.

A True-to-Life, digital twin simulation is imperative for any mission critical design to come to life on time and on budget. However, with each equipment vendor owning its own proprietary simulation software, a best of breed equipment mix-and-match as well as high fidelity simulation have been beyond reach. SimiGon’s product, SIMbox, a simulation design platform utilizing artificial intelligence, high fidelity physics, and augmented reality is uniquely positioned to close this gap. The Power Breezer Sky (“Sky”) is a next generation cooling solution designed to cool people where nothing else can. The Sky will gain benefits by the complex software integration of the licensed AI, with the Sky’s sensors and the creation of a customized graphical user interface. The Sky’s sensor will provide customers with real-time and actionable data assisting its customers with managing their shipping dock related assets.

“This merger combines SimiGon’s Digital Twining intellectual property with Power Breezer’s sensor rich systems to help us accelerate the delivery of a first to market solution for our growing customer base of e-commerce logistics leaders. We are excited by the strength of SimiGon’s team, cutting edge software development tools and methodologies,” said Ofir Baharav, CEO of Maxify Solutions, Inc.

ABOUT SIMIGON (www.simigon.com) – SimGon is a provider of true to life simulation software used in real-life virtual training and services to the Government and Military as well as Logistics providers. SimiGon’s software enables a “digital twin” virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision making. SimiGon is a division of Maxify Solutions, Inc. SimiGon’s products and services will remain in the market and continue delivering the high value solutions provided for our clients.

ABOUT MAXIFY SOLUTIONS INC (www.maxify-solutions.com) – In spite of the insatiable demand for e-commerce, fulfillment centers tend to operate at about 40% efficiency. For the industry to continue its profitable growth, maximizing fulfillment efficiencies (Maxify) is critical. Maxify offers solutions which will increase the productivity of both people and assets in the e-commerce fulfillment industry. Tens of millions of Americans work in extremely harsh and grueling heat conditions such as in e-commerce fulfillment centers, logistics warehouses, on Military bases or in the field. Heat is not only unsafe but is also uneconomical, it reduces staff productivity, retention, morale and yield. At Maxify, we believe everyone deserves to be cool and our Power Breezer lineup includes intelligent systems that enable set-and-forget autonomous evaporative cooling. Unlike HVAC, Power Breezer systems release no greenhouse gasses and by cooling people and not spaces, our systems typically consume 1/20th of the energy of HVAC, thereby providing a sustainable cooling with rapid ROI. Assembled in Charlotte, North Carolina, Power Breezer is the world’s most advanced evaporative cooling system.

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