Should I Rent or Buy an Evaporative Cooler

Renting a cooling system for a temporary purpose is a smart choice if temperatures are anticipated to be high. Depending on your needs as well as the desired result, the type of machine you choose can play a big part in the performance and overall comfort of those in attendance. Whether for work purposes to ensure all employees and staff members are safe and comfortable, or during an outdoor event or conference to ensure there is powerful cooling, renting a swamp cooler or a Power Breezer can make a tremendous difference in how satisfied everyone remains. If you’re contemplating whether to rent an evaporative cooler, in this article we cover the basics and benefits of choosing between Power Breezer systems and swamp coolers. Read on for more info!

Evaporative Coolers: Renting VS Purchasing

There are many pros to renting a portable evaporative cooling system as opposed to purchasing one outright. Perhaps your needs are not permanent and you do not require the use of a swamp cooler or Power Breezer regularly. Maybe you are curious about the performance of these systems for your needs and would like to test them in the appropriate circumstances before you commit to purchasing one. Renting instead of purchasing is an affordable way to have the comfort and power of an evaporative cooling machine, as needed. Additionally, by choosing to rent an evaporative cooler, you can try different models to see which type suits your needs best.Purchasing, however, comes with various positives as well.

If you purchase an evaporative cooler instead of renting one, you get the benefit of owning the system. If your Power Breezer is an item you will use regularly, you gain the benefit of immense energy efficiency, enabling the system to pay for itself over time. Furthermore, because these machines are portable, you can transport them anywhere you need them to provide cooling action.

Now, whether you choose to rent a Power Breezer or a standard swamp cooler will depend on the actual features, performance, and results you are after.

More About Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers are very well-known types of cooling systems. They are widely available and range in price, size, performance, output, and capabilities. They can be purchased easily, often through big box stores. These are traditional evaporative cooling machines and they work to lower air temperature using the power of evaporating water. They use filters in their functioning, which help to purify the water within the system. However, filters require consistent, ongoing maintenance because they are prone to bacteria and mold buildup, which can be very unhealthy propelled into the air. Additionally, their cooling potential provides only about a 10° F decrease.

More About Power Breezer Coolers

Power Breezers share a similar concept with swamp coolers, however, they feature much more innovative technology. To drive the evaporation process, these machines produce exceptionally clean, cool air using atomizers instead of filters. The whole machine consists of an 85-gallon water tank, a powerful motor, a fan, and an atomizer. Power Breezers take the air from within the space, cool it, and blow it out completely cooled and refreshed. The atomizers are so efficient at evaporation, Power Breezers have no ability to produce buildup or bacteria.

Power Breezer systems can decrease air temperatures more effectively than swamp coolers. Additionally, they can propel their powerful breeze up to 100 feet in distance, they can oscillate as needed, and some Power Breezer models have intelligent, autonomous cooling so you don’t need to spend time tweaking their settings to keep things cool.

Conclusion: What Should You Rent?

The system you should rent ultimately comes down to your needs, budget, and what you want the system to do for you. Power Breezer machines provide more power and more capabilities than most swamp coolers can, and they can be used for various purposes easily. In an emergency, if your only option is renting a swamp cooler, it may serve its purpose adequately. If you need a moderately cool fan, don’t mind the possibility of bacteria coming out of it, and you don’t mind less technology, renting a swamp cooler may fit your needs. However, if you want a smart system with plenty of power, options, dramatically cooler temperature potential, ample versatility, and sanitization capabilities, a Power Breezer may be the ideal choice to rent.

Rentals of Power Breezer equipment are available throughout North America with our distributors. For more information on Power Breezer rentals or how to coordinate a rental, reach out to our team today. You can fill out our Power Breezer Rental Request form on our website and a representative will connect with you shortly.

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