How To Cool an Event Space Without Air Conditioning

how to cool an event space without air conditioning

Cooling an event space, whether an outdoor tent, or a large-scale event in the open air can present various challenges. Air conditioning is a popular choice for events held in tents, but this is not always possible or ideal due to both effectiveness and cost. In open-air spaces, such as sporting events and festivals, the challenges are even greater due to the lack of confinement. In the following article, we are going to discuss different ways to cool an event space without using air conditioning with effectiveness and comfort in mind.

The Temperature Needs of an Event Space

There are many factors to consider regarding the temperature needs of an event space. Above all, people should not be forced to endure excessive temperatures, due to both safety and comfort concerns. Additionally, the people attending the event will most likely be able to enjoy the event better if they are not preoccupied with the discomfort of prevalent heat.

Every event, whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, a festival, convention, sporting event, or tournament, will have specific requirements. From the number of guests expected in attendance, to the climate, the season, and the anticipated weather on the day(s) of the event, these circumstances must be taken into account. Planning ahead for a specific type of cooling is a must, and because of all of these variables, having a versatile means of cooling is essential.

While each event will have its unique necessities, the environment of the event must be taken into consideration if you are planning to provide cooling measures. Here are some pointers for different types of event locations and how you can plan accordingly to maximize temperature control without air conditioning.

power breezer in a tent

Tips to Keep Event Tents Cool:

If available, choose a shady location, out of direct sunlight as much as possible.
Opt to steer clear of asphalt surfaces, which generate immense heat.
Keep as much of the tent as open as possible to keep the ventilation flowing.
Use an atomized evaporative cooling system to drop temperatures and produce clean, fresh air.
Ensure there is abundant access to ice water to keep guests refreshed.

Tips to Keep Open Air & Sporting Event Spaces Cool:

  • Portable atomized evaporative cooling systems are exceptional for providing powerful cooling in outdoor spaces.
  • If shade is not present at the event, have measures such as umbrellas and cabanas that can be strategically positioned to provide shade.
  • Ensure guests have access to ice water for drinking.
  • Create specific “cool tents” to ensure athletes and spectators have designated places they can escape to cool off.
  • Try to plan outdoor events during summer earlier or later in the day to avoid the blazing heat of the afternoon.

The Power of Power Breezer Systems

There is a reason Power Breezer evaporative cooling systems are deployed on military bases throughout the world and they are a top choice among NFL and MLB teams for keeping athletes, coaches, and spectators cool. These powerful fans are a solid alternative to air conditioning in demanding environments where other means of cooling are not feasible. Power Breezer fans can cool temperatures by as much as 27 degrees, while delivering cool, flowing air. They can be used in a variety of situations, they are portable, and whether you are trying to cool an event tent or an outdoor festival or sporting event, they can provide powerful cooling at a reasonable cost.

How This Technology Works

Power Breezer fans offer revolutionary technology for keeping people cool in difficult environments. These high-powered fans deliver intense cooling using atomizers to decrease temperatures through evaporation. Unlike other similar types of cooling technology, such as swamp coolers and other evaporative cooling systems, Power Breezer fans do not use wet pads and filters. And unlike misting fans, water is not sprayed into the air, so no one in the vicinity of these machines will be subject to getting wet. As a result, the systems are much cleaner (and free of mold), producing sanitary cooling.

power breezer cooling a crowdAdditional benefits of Power Breezer fans for events include:

  • Convenient portability.
  • An energy-efficient solution to managing heat.
  • Maintain a safe environment for guests and attendees.
  • Transform hot air into cool air, rather than just blowing cool air over hot air.
  • Provides consistent cooling capabilities to keep people comfortable and happy.

Keeping an event space cool, comfortable, and safe is an important concern for organizers and managers. Hopefully, the above tips will prove helpful next time you are planning an event to ensure everyone stays cool, comfortable, and safe. If you would like to learn more about Power Breezer systems and how they can meet your event’s specific cooling needs, please feel free to reach out to our team here at We offer a variety of versatile systems built on the premise of taking care of and cooling people, not just the space.