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Impact of Extreme Heat in 2021 and 2022

Extreme heat and heat waves are a major danger, causing the deaths of more Americans than any other weather-related hazard. Throughout the United States, extreme heat is a continuous threat to public health and the workforce, especially during the summer months. 2021 experienced one of the hottest summers on record, potentially as a result of climate change, and there is no indication that rising temperatures are going to halt or lessen in intensity.

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During this summer’s extreme heatwaves, hundreds of people were killed throughout the Pacific Northwest. In contrast to hurricanes, which kill approximately 46 people yearly per data from the past 30 years, extreme heat is considered the most deadly climate-related hazard. Additionally, this year the CDC recorded data from the Pacific Northwest region that included Alaska, Idaho Washington State, and Oregon and reported that in just May and June there were 3,500 emergency hospitalizations due to heat-related illness. 80% of these cases happened between June 25–30th, during the height of the heatwave.

Consequences of Extreme Heat for Businesses

Considering the number of people impacted by this summer’s extreme heat, both in terms of illness and the number of deaths, it is clear how dangerous dealing with high temperatures can be. For workers, employers, supervisors, businesses, and all connected industries such as insurance, heat presents major obstacles. This is especially in regards to productivity, costs, and even legal responsibilities in the event workers are injured or killed on duty, as a result of heat. For this reason, businesses must take extreme heat very seriously, as there may be substantial consequences to deal with.

Heat-Related Illnesses & The Body

The standard human body temperature is 98.6 F, however, when the body overheats and is dehydrated, blood will thicken, which makes it harder for the heart to pump. This can quickly lead to damaging other organs as a result if measures are not taken to halt the heat. The body holds various mechanisms that work to manage heat, such as sweating. However, if the conditions are too extreme, for example – with high humidity, even sweating can fail if perspiration is not able to evaporate. At this point, people become very much at risk for heat exhaustion, and even heatstroke, which can be deadly.

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In hotter climates, people have more of a chance to acclimatize to the environment over time. However, in places such as the Pacific Northwest, which has never experienced such heat events, heat can be exceptionally dangerous. Because these conditions are so unusual, widespread heat mitigation methods are not as common as in other locations that deal with these temperatures regularly. When heat waves happen, the elderly, young children, and adults with heart disease, kidney disease, or respiratory issues become very susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

Taking Control of Extreme Heat in the Workplace

While we presently have no control over the increasing temperatures occurring due to the climate crisis, it is important to overhaul our current handling of extreme heat. We must ensure we meet this demand with proper heat mitigation measures. Severe heat is becoming a greater threat to people all over the world, and despite the changes we are seeing, we will face greater challenges and hurdles if we do not evolve swiftly At the same time, work must still continue; businesses need to be run, people need to work, and in all of these respects, extreme heat remains a major detriment. Therefore, employers, business managers, and others in charge of conditions in the work environment must take heed and consider their options for ensuring the workplace is comfortable and cool for laborers.

Consider Atomized Evaporative Cooling

Using a Power Breezer system, which utilizes atomized evaporative cooling, may be a serious consideration for your company. These fans ensure the environment of the business remains cool and comfortable in an energy-efficient manner. Capable of drastically reducing temperatures and being able to run even outdoors, Power Breezer fans are an excellent alternative to traditional air conditioning and swamp coolers. They use only water to produce cooling and are highly energy efficient. Among the many companies that choose Power Breezer fans as their preferred method of cooling are PepsiCo, Amazon, FedEx, and FritoLay, as well as all branches of the U.S. Military.

Power Breezer Systems: Leading Technology to Keep People Cool

power breezer sky in a trailerDon’t let extreme heat and climate change slow down your company’s progress and output. Keep your employees cool and help keep your business productivity running strong no matter what the weather brings.

If your business operates in a climate that is susceptible to extreme heat, or if the conditions of your workplace regularly place employees in the direct line of extreme heat during their working hours, cooling measures are a necessity. Having adequate cooling technology is especially essential for worker safety, maintaining productivity, and keeping the operation running at a proper pace. Power Breezer fans are among the most advanced, high-powered options presently available, and they are excellent for a wide range of commercial uses.

To learn more about the powerful capabilities of Power Breezer fans, contact our sales team.

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