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power breezer sound dampener product photoPower Breezer is excited to introduce one of our latest innovations: the Sound Dampener. This dynamic accessory was designed to work with our Power Breezer Mach 4 systems with serial numbers beginning with PB600X to help alleviate noise for a safer, more comfortable work environment. Read on to learn more about this product and how you may benefit from using it with your Power Breezer fan.

Power Breezer Cooling

Power Breezer systems are designed for powerful cooling in locations and situations where other types of cooling cannot meet the need. These fans are top choices in industrial settings, such as loading docks and warehouses for entities such as FedEx, PepsiCo, and Amazon. They are used by many professional, college, and youth sports organizations for on-demand cooling during games and events. Additionally, they are used by all branches of the U.S. Military, deployed on military bases all over the world.

Because Power Breezer fans are used in some of the most demanding conditions, they must meet the varied needs of those using them. Designed for very quiet performance inherently, there are still situations and environments where even quieter performance is required, both for the safety of workers and to ensure OSHA regulations are met.

About the Power Breezer Sound Dampener

The Power Breezer Sound Dampener works to reduce the amount of noise produced by the Power Breezer Mach 4, the Power Breezer Mach 4+, and the Power Breezer SKY systems. The dampener attaches to the above-listed Power Breezer models, enabling quieter performance for industrial and commercial settings. All Power Breezer machines are designed for superior cooling, comfort, and minimal sound, but in some cases and environments, additional noise alleviation may be necessary. Priced at $699.00, the Sound Dampener is a cost-effective addition to various Power Breezer fans for added performance and comfort.

At the present time, the Power Breezer Sound Dampener is available for pre-order, and it will begin shipping in July 2022.

Why Sound Dampening Can be Useful

There can be a range of challenges workers may face due to noise, ranging from physical and psychological stress, to lack of productivity due to distraction, problems with communication, and an overall lack of concentration. Exposure to constant loud noises at work can potentially place workers at risk for noise-related hearing loss, which can be permanent. Furthermore, the challenges of working with continuous high noise levels can lead to greater problems, with a high risk of workplace accidents and injuries, due to impaired hearing that prevents hearing warning signals. Therefore, it is very important to assess how much noise workers are exposed to in the workplace and take measures to manage it.workplace noise


How to Tell if Your Workplace Noise Level is Dangerous

sound level appIf you work in an industry where constant loud noise is just part of the job, you should be aware of what constitutes safe and unsafe noise levels. A simple way to test this is if you have to raise your voice for someone just three feet away to hear you, the noise level is probably exceeding 85 decibels. If you are concerned about the noise level, there are various instruments you can use to determine the noise level, such as octave band analyzers, noise dosimeters, or sound level meters. Additionally, NIOSH, or the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, has created a convenient app designed to help reduce incidences of occupational noise-related hearing loss. The Sound Level Meter App registers noise in the workplace and categorizes the level based on safety parameters. It was designed by acoustics engineers and hearing loss experts to help employees understand the safety of their work environments regarding noise levels.

OSHA Standards for Workplace Noise

Because workplace noise is a serious consideration regarding work-related hearing loss, OSHA has developed standards that determine how much noise is safe and allowable in a work environment. In the event noise levels reach or extend above 85 decibels, during a combined average of over 8 hours of work, or during an 8-hour weighted average, OSHA requires the implementation of a hearing conservation program. Education and awareness are necessary for workers to understand the safety and dangers of their work environments. The first measure of noise control is to protect all parties in the workplace from exposure to excessive loud noise.

Among the methods suggested from OSHA are:

  • Using quieter devices
  • Using devices to help reduce or cancel noise, such as the Power Breezer Sound Dampener
  • Provide employees with protective equipment
  • Limit the exposure of all parties to excessively loud noise
  • Finding ways to isolate sources of loud noise

Pre-Order Your Power Breezer Sound Dampener Today

If you own a business or manage a business with a commercial or industrial setting, the Power Breezer Sound Dampener is an accessory to seriously consider. Whether for your existing Power Breezer fans, or those you intend on purchasing for your business, the sound dampener is an innovative option to ensure your business meets OSHA safety standards for noise levels. To learn more about the Power Breezer Sound Dampener or to pre-order now, reach out to our team today or order online here.

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