Power Breezer is More than Just a Misting Fan

Power Breezer is one of the most advanced cooling systems in the world. As an alternative to portable air conditioning, traditional swamp coolers, and industrial high-velocity fans, they offer powerful cooling in an energy-efficient, versatile manner. Because these systems use evaporating water to conduct cooling, they are sometimes mistaken for misting fans. However, though they can produce mist, their functioning is far more than that and they do NOT wet the surrounding environment.

Power Breezers VS. Misting Fans

Power Breezers work using atomized evaporative cooling and they provide many features that allow you to customize their performance. They can perform like misting fans, if you prefer, but that is just one aspect of what they are capable of.

Power Breezer fans are sometimes confused for swamp coolers, but again, they work much differently. Unlike swamp coolers, which use standard evaporative cooling, atomized evaporative cooling is a much different level of functioning. Having an atomizer involved in the evaporation allows these systems to produce fresh, clean, cool air by transforming hot air into cool air. During the evaporation process, temperatures drop, and Power Breezer fans feature powerful jets of air, to propel that cool air back into the space. Swamp coolers, on the other hand, require filters, ongoing maintenance, offer only one type of performance, and are sometimes susceptible to becoming dirty and bacteria-ridden.

a standard misting fan

Misting fans feature much simpler functioning and design; they perform a single function. They are composed of a fan with a tank that holds water, and when running, they propel water through the fan’s breeze. This can be a comfortable, cooling effect, but it is not practical in most situations. At an amusement park, playground, or water park, misting fans can offer some cooling. Because they spray water, therefore get people and surrounding areas wet, this can be a major detriment in warehouses, trailers, and e-commerce settings. Additionally, a continuous spray of water in an area such as a loading dock or warehouse can be very dangerous where workers are concerned, creating a serious wet floor hazard.

The Power of Power Breezer

Power Breezer systems use some of the most advanced cooling technology to mitigate heat. They contain patent-pending features and they are the top portable cooling system for such entities as the United States Military, major U.S. Football teams, and Amazon. Designed initially for use by the military, whose needs are especially demanding, these fans can decrease temperatures dramatically.

Power Breezer Products

The Power Breezer line of fans includes several different models that provide exceptional temperature reduction. Among these are the Power Breezer MAX+, the Power Breezer Mach 4+, Power Breezer Titan, and the Power Breezer SKY. Here is an overview of each system and its capabilities.

Power Breezer MAX+: The Power Breezer Max+ is widely used across many different industries, including schools, corrections facilities, warehouses, vehicle centers, and the military. This powerful fan can generate wind propulsion up to 100 feet, and mist up to 50 feet. It is ideal for large indoor spaces and large semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. Because it is so effective at channeling mist, this system is often used with EPA and CDC-approved disinfectants to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Power Breezer Mach 4+: Considered the most durable evaporative cooling machine available on the market, this system is a top choice of the U.S. Military and government. It can channel mist up to 40 feet and it can propel breeze as far as 100 feet with its oscillating head. It cools large, industrial indoor spaces as well as mid-sized semi-enclosed spaces outdoors efficiently.

power breezer sky sending m ist

Power Breezer SKY: Created to serve as a mounted fan system, the Power Breezer SKY is ideal for trailers and loading docks. This fan features the latest technology, allowing it to run autonomously and intelligently, keeping high-demand environments cool without much oversight. These work locations are known for their dangerously high heat, often soaring over 120°F. These fans fill many gaps in the market and are ideal in conditions where it is imperative to protect workers from heat-related illnesses, and to ensure productivity is maintained.

Beyond standard misting fans, Power Breezer offers efficient cooling with the most intelligent technology. Power Breezer fans were made to support industrial-level needs, to keep people safe and cool in some of the world’s most difficult working environments. Even though they feature a fan and use water to cool, they only spray water when you want them to. This means, if you want a high-powered misting fan that can cool powerfully, or if you’d just prefer cooling without the mist, our systems enable you to get the most suitable cooling for your needs.

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