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There is a wide range of options in the evaporative cooler market, and with the variety of products also comes an array of prices and associated ongoing costs. If you are interested in purchasing an evaporative cooler, read on for more information on the various costs related to different evaporative cooler products, including the cost of evaporative cooler pads and alternative options such as Power Breezer which do not require any replaceable media or pads to function.

Swamp Cooler Costs

Swamp Coolers are used as a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning in a variety of environments. They are portable, energy-efficient, and they can run in locations where air conditioning is not ideal, such as indoor/outdoor spaces. They are often used in industrial and commercial settings, where they deliver cooling and airflow on many different job sites. However, while swamp coolers may serve as a temporary option instead of an air conditioner, or as a way to cool a hard-to-cool setting, they do entail long-term costs that can add up significantly.

Additionally, there is a great amount of ongoing maintenance involved in the care of swamp coolers, which amounts to ongoing costs that must be attended to. Because of these factors, most swamp coolers are not efficient permanent cooling machines for all types of work settings.

Swamp Cooler Parts

Evaporative swamp coolers harness the power of water evaporation to drive temperature reduction and provide a cool breeze, especially in settings where air conditioning is not possible, not affordable, or not adequate for the conditions. Evaporative coolers feature the following parts:

  • A motor to power the system
  • Evaporative pads to hold the water
  • A blower to propel the cool air
  • Water supply valve
  • Water distribution lines
  • Water pump
  • Drain tube
  • Float valve

swamp cooler works diagram

Each of these parts works in conjunction to produce powerful cooling and airflow, without the complexity of installing a central air conditioning system. While most of these parts are part of the design of the machine, evaporative cooler pads will need regular changing because they are prone to storing bacteria, mold, and buildup, which can then get into the air from the system. Cooler pads are specific to each machine and they will require consistent maintenance to ensure the swamp cooler continues running and performing in proper condition.

How Often do Swamp Cooler Pads Need Changing?

How often pads will need replacing is determined by how much use the system gets, the environment it is located in, as well as the specifications of the machine, as stated by its manufacturer in terms of continued maintenance and performance.

Because these systems generate cool air, there is a potential for the bacteria and/or mold accumulated by the evaporation pads to be propelled into the air while running, creating a potentially serious health risk for anyone in the space. Therefore, depending on how much use the evaporative cooling system is getting, internal cooler pads may need to be changed often.

swamp cooler bacteria

More About Ongoing Swamp Cooler Costs

It is important to keep in mind that a single evaporative cooler pad can cost hundreds of dollars each, approximately $100 – $600 each, depending on the brand and type of cooler pad needed. If they need changing several times per year, your yearly maintenance cost can exceed $1,000 yearly. This does not include any of the other costs associated with these systems, including the professional cleaning and maintenance that is required, the energy cost of powering them, and the cost of water to run them.

Power Breezer: The Affordable, Low Maintenance Option

Power Breezer fans are an excellent option if you are interested in evaporative coolers, but want less maintenance and greater cost efficiency than standard swamp coolers or air conditioners.

Power Breezer systems deliver powerful cooling through atomized evaporative cooling technology. Like swamp coolers, they reduce temperatures and provide excellent air circulation by harnessing the cooling of evaporating water. However, unlike swamp coolers, they do not use filters or evaporative pads to achieve this.

How Power Breezers Work

Power Breezer fans run on simple, yet highly innovative technology. These systems feature a powerful fan attached to an 85-gallon water tank, which provides continuous cooling power that can last through numerous work shifts before requiring a refill.

power breezer evaporative cooling

The evaporative cooling of Power Breezer systems is generated through the intelligent use of atomizers, which evaporate the water in the tank to cool the air in the space. Additionally, the atomization of the water creates an abundantly clean, sanitary fresh mist that does not produce bacteria or mold growth due to its innovative process. These machines produce such clean airflow, they can be used for industrial-level disinfection; in contrast to standard evaporative coolers, which require maintenance just to produce clean air without bacteria or mold.

In a comparison of evaporative coolers and atomized evaporative coolers from Power Breezer, while both systems produce effective cooling, there is a major difference in the ongoing costs and maintenance with each type of machine. If you are interested in having powerful, industrial-strength cooling without the high cost of ongoing evaporative cooler pads and other complexities of swamp coolers, consider the durable and versatile options from Power Breezer today.