The Science Behind Evaporative Coolers | How Do They Work?

power breezer sky evaporative cooling system

State of the art in technology yet simple in performance, Power Breezer systems feature the latest intelligent cooling technology. Immense research and development are inherent to every Power Breezer product, and the science behind these fans is unlike anything else in the market. Continue reading to learn about the science that powers these innovative cooling systems.

How Power Breezer Machines Work

Heat is a major concern for businesses, managers overseeing work environments, sports organizations, the military, and countless industrial industries. To ensure the safety of workers and personnel, it is of utmost importance to offer powerful, lasting cooling technology to ensure everyone remains safe and businesses remain productive.

Power Breezer machines work using a type of technological process known as atomized evaporative cooling. Unlike other types of evaporative cooling, Power Breezers use a spinning atomizer, which does the work of evaporating water to produce cooler temperatures.

Within Power Breezer machines are several main components. These include:

  • An 85-gallon water tank.
  • A powerful fan.
  • An atomizer.

Power Breezers cool the existing air in the space using the evaporation of water to produce cooling. The atomizer within the unit transforms the water held in the tank, creating minute airborne water droplets. The system takes in hot, stale air, where it collides with the water droplets, causing them to evaporate and instantly cool the air. The powerful fans then channel the cool, fresh breeze into the space, producing immediate temperature reduction.

About Atomized Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling works by increasing the amount of humidity in the air to lower the air temperature. It is a sustainable method that requires minimal energy, no chemicals, no filters, or nozzles. Its results are powerful – capable of reducing temperatures dramatically.  Atomized evaporative cooling is ideal in hot, dry climates, as well as anywhere standard air conditioning or swamp coolers are not powerful enough.

An example of natural evaporative cooling is how the temperature is typically very cool at the base of large waterfalls. The technology of atomized evaporative cooling mimics this by evaporating water and transforming the stale air within a space into cool, fresh air.

Atomized evaporative cooling is a patented, powerful, and dynamic type of cooling. In contrast to traditional air conditioning, misting fans, and swamp coolers, it provides exceptionally cool results in a less expensive yet much more energy-efficient manner.

How Evaporation Produces Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and harnessing this concept is what makes systems like Power Breezer machines so effective. Our bodies sweat to promote cooling, and in essence, this is evaporative cooling in action. Without sweat, our bodies would be unable to cool themselves and regulate temperatures in hot conditions. Sweat + body heat = cooling because the body heat enables the liquid sweat to evaporate into cool water vapor.


Benefits of Atomized Evaporative Cooling

  • Capable of blowing a powerful breeze up to 100 feet.
  • Cost-effective long-term; no filters/pads to replace.
  • No bacteria buildup like swamp coolers are prone to.
  • No foul odors due to bacteria buildup.
  • No mist is sprayed from the system, therefore the area stays dry.
  • Excellent for workspaces and businesses where people are frequently moving around.
  • They provide excellent energy efficiency.
  • Power Breezer Mobile units are portable and can be moved as needed.
  • They are capable of effective sanitization for industrial purposes.
  • They can be used outdoors for events, athletics, military purposes, and just about anytime people need to be kept cool.

Atomized Evaporative Cooling VS Standard Evaporative Cooling

There are many options available to cool different spaces, however, there are two general types of evaporative cooling: atomized and standard. While both types of systems use the power of evaporation to cool the temperature, they each work differently to achieve results. Therefore, the results of an atomized evaporative cooling system (Power Breezer) VS a standard evaporative cooling system (such as a swamp cooler) are very different.

Atomized evaporative cooling using the patented technology of Power Breezer systems is much more powerful and clean than the evaporative cooling of a swamp cooler. The components used are very different, and they produce colder temperatures using less energy to achieve these results. These rugged cooling machines are military-grade, and they are made for use in the most intense climates in the world. This powerful technology is used to keep US Military personnel safe and comfortable as they work to keep our nation protected in the most extreme climates.

Power Breezer cooling systems are designed to provide cooling where nothing else can. These machines feature cutting-edge technology and are being utilized by many industries and entities for powerful cooling wherever it is needed. Overall, Power Breezer is dedicated to immense research and development, continuously seeking innovative ways to accomplish more to protect those working to keep our military and economy running efficiently. To learn more about how Power Breezer can keep your people cool, contact our team today!