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Power Breezer Sideline Fans | Yes, You See Them Everywhere

On sidelines across the United States, Power Breezer sideline fans are being spotted everywhere. From NFL games and the Super Bowl, to Major League Baseball games, countless college athletics teams, and youth sports events – these powerful fans can be found on the sidelines for a single reason: they get the job done where nothing else can.

Protecting Athletes & Personnel From Heat

power breezer on sideline of cheerleading competition During athletic events, nothing is more important than ensuring every participating student athlete, pro athlete, coach, and staff member remain safe. Sports organizations recognize this need, and as a result, have been incorporating many measures to ensure athletes stay safe during games and practices.

Power Breezer sideline fans perform extremely well in hot conditions and they can provide portable, powerful cooling and wind on the sidelines up to 100 feet away! They can be positioned as needed, require only water (and power) to run, and are very energy-efficient. As a result, sports teams have adopted this technology as a reliable means of heat mitigation to keep athletes safe during games, training, practices, and other events.

Heat is extremely dangerous during any physical activity, and during the hottest months of the year, having effective cooling measures for

athletes is extremely important. From 1995 through 2005, 68 football players died due to heatstroke. These numbers are alarming, particularly when it is considered that heat-related illnesses can be avoided with the right protocols and tools to keep everyone safe.

Athletic Performance & Heat Stress

Heat is not only a dangerous matter, it can also negatively affect the performance of athletes. Heat stress is a condition that occurs when the body is unable to cool itself through the normal function of sweating. This creates great danger as core body temperature elevates, putting the individual at great risk of heatstroke. Practicing and playing in hot temperatures often results in heat-related injuries, which can have devastating results for players and their teams, affecting them both short-term and long-term, career wise.

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When negatively impacted by heat, practices will not be as effective for athletes as when heat is controlled. This equates to wasted time and lost opportunities for important conditioning. A single athlete who has endured an event of moderate to severe heat-related injury can end up sidelined for 1-3 weeks, because it may take that long for them to recover fully.

Safeguarding Athletes From Heat on the Sidelines

When temperatures reach over 82°F, the risk of heat stress begins to rise. At just 90° F, which is very common throughout the U.S. in the summer months, the risk of heat stress soars to 1,800%.

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A common mistake that happens when faced with heat stress, is that in many cases, athletes (of any age) may not exhibit any symptoms. Furthermore, because they are in very compromised health, they may not be able to determine their own health condition. And, as is common with competitive athletes, they may be conditioned to push through the discomfort, further endangering themselves.

In such scenarios, organization leaders and coaches must have the foresight to act quickly and mitigate the issue immediately. Having cooling technology readily available can ensure athletes have access to cool air, along with adequate hydration, to bring their body temperatures down and recover quickly.

Why Power Breezer Sideline Fans?

As a result, this can lead to more losses, creating severe consequences for everyone involved in the athletics association. From money lost, to jeopardizing the careers of athletes and coaches where competitive championships are expected, heat can cause a range of detrimental occurrences for an athletic franchise.

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Power Breezer technology is like nothing else available in the athletic market, and this is evident in their performance. These fans were developed in conjunction with the U.S. Military, whose needs exceeded the power of any other portable fan on the market. Power Breezer fans were made to handle extreme heat conditions in some of the most challenging environments in the world, like the deserts of the Middle East and the Southwestern United States.

These conditions require cooling technology to be energy efficient, capable of immense autonomy, able to cool temperatures in Black Flag conditions, and run effectively even outdoors. Power Breezer meets all of these requirements and then some because these systems were designed specifically for them. Unlike standard misting fans, Power Breezers only blow mist if you apply that setting. They run only on water, using the most minimal parts to accomplish the cooling so ongoing maintenance is not necessary. The systems are portable and can be transported globally. The atomizer aspect of their performance produces the cleanest, freshest cooled air, and it is so clean it can be used to disinfect large spaces.

Heat is a common challenge for athletes, especially during the hottest months of the year. However, with proper preparation and measures in place to mitigate it, it remains one of the most preventable challenges. As more and more entities learn about their capabilities and high levels of performance, they are being adopted as an excellent way to cool athletes, coaches, and spectators during professional sporting events. These fans provide immense cooling, ensuring everyone, especially athletes who are performing at the highest physical level in the heat, remain safe from the sidelines.

For more information on how Power Breezer can help keep your team safe please contact us!

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