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  • Hidden Costs of Heat V2

  • THE COST OF HEAT Your hot building or work site is impacting you far more than you believe. FREE HEAT ASSESSMENT It’s Time To Take Action MITIGATE THE RISK OUR PRODUCTS Reduce Mistakes Heat caus
  • The Hidden Costs of Heat

  • The Costs of Heat Your hot building or work site is impacting you far more than you believe. Mitigating the risks of heat stress allows soldiers, athletes and employees to safely return home from work
  • Extreme Heat is Getting More Intense During 2022

  • hot summer The weather forecast is sizzling during summer 2022 breaking all time heat records. There have been more hot days than ever before. Our society isn’t slowing down, and it’s becoming more and more
  • The June 2022 Heat Wave

  • heat wave 2022 2022 is setting records for extreme heat across the US with over 100 million people on high alert.  Americans from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast are in the affected areas as temperatures reach tr
  • A May Heat Wave Is Sweeping Across the US

  • its hot It’s HOT outside! Places like Amarillo, Texas saw their earliest 100℉ degree day on Saturday 5/14 and San Antonio had consecutive 100℉ degree days over the weekend. Even Green Bay, Wisconsin had
  • Impact of Extreme Heat in 2021 and 2022

  • extreme heat Extreme heat and heat waves are a major danger, causing the deaths of more Americans than any other weather-related hazard. Throughout the United States, extreme heat is a continuous threat to public
  • Passing OSHA Inspections for Heat Safety Under Biden Administration

  • biden osha The impact of climate change on worker health is becoming devastatingly apparent, with a greater number of illnesses and deaths happening due to heat-related injuries. The Biden Administration recentl
  • How To Prevent Heat Exhaustion at Outdoor Events

  • outdoor event heat In the summer months, heat exhaustion can be a major concern for anyone participating in an outdoor event. If you are hosting or planning an outdoor event, it is especially important to have various m
  • Heatwave 2021

  • heatwave desert Currently, parts of the United States and Canada are experiencing what is considered by many to be the worst heatwave in recorded history. Spanning across Alberta and Manitoba in Canada, as well as Or
  • Can OSHA Fine Me For Heat?

  • osha fines Millions of workers deal with high temperatures and hot conditions in their workplaces each year, however, heat-related illnesses are entirely preventable scenarios. Employers have a responsibility to
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