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Power Breezer for Agriculture

Production challenges are amplified with Heat

Increasing temperatures directly affect critical yields and production goals. The impacts of heat have a direct correlation to yields across poultry, dairy, livestock, and more.

Barn fans and horse barn fans are used to keep animals and agricultural facilities cool and safe.

Several studies have demonstrated the impacts of heat on poultry, dairy, and other farm production. The lack of climate control puts a higher burden on animals and the costs to typically provide climate control solutions in large open areas is not feasible or cost effective.


power breezer in agricultureProviding a safe environment for animals is critical to allow producers to safely meet production targets. Providing a cooler environment removes unsafe temperatures for animals and humans alike.

Millions of dollars are invested each year into the care of horses and livestock, which is exactly where Power Breezer comes in.  Power Breezer Mobile is commonly found around stables and ranches across the globe providing effective cooling solutions where nothing else can.

Horses and Farm Animals Love Power Breezer

power breezer at ponies and palms
Power Breezer spotted at the beautiful Ponies and Palms in Boca Raton, FL

Power Breezer can be seen on ranches across the globe protecting animals and prized horses from extreme heat. Barns are not usually air conditioned, and when temperatures reach over 90 degree animals need some kind of relief. That’s where we come in!

Horse barn fans are necessary in order to protect animals that are exposed to the elements – don’t take our word for it, ask them!

“It is 94 degrees and heat index 104. The horses came into the barn to enjoy the mister. Here is a quick video. I still think of your kindness and helpfulness in getting the breezer.” – Customer Mary Glauber

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