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Power Breezer for Rentals

For Events of All Sizes

power breezer rentalsThrough our partners, Power Breezer rentals are common at events of all sizes including small municipal functions, all the way to large sporting events with tens of thousands of attendees. With heat on the rise, and more extreme heat emergencies every year – it’s crucial to keep eventgoers protected from the elements.

We partner with nationwide equipment rental providers offering daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.  Ask your rental partner for more information. If you don’t have a local partner, please submit a request and we would be happy to help you get connected.


Protect Guests and Keep Them Comfortable

Guests, workers, and attendees at your events need to be protected and comfortable. Power Breezer Mobile is capable of producing wind that blows up to 100 feet and lots of cool air to lower temperatures – without the need for filters, hoses, or lots of maintenance. This isn’t a misting fan, or a swamp cooler – Power Breezer uses patented atomized evaporative cooling to be the most efficient evaporative cooling system anywhere.

Improve Experiences

power breezer rentals againCool queue lines and dining areas with Power Breezer.  Used at outdoor concert areas, events, theme parks, COVID Testing Centers, VIP areas, sideline cooling, and other venues exposed to heat, the Power Breezer can improve customer satisfaction, reduce heat risk for employees and guests.

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