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Power Breezer for Municipal

Municipalities Spend Millions Every Year Due To Extreme Heat

power breezer in municipal settingWith temperatures on the rise, local city, county and state governments are challenged to offer and provide emergency and road services. Heat and PPE requirements exacerbate issues with citizens and employees. Power Breezer is here to protect municipalities and it’s citizens with atomized evaporative cooling systems that are designed to provide cooling in hard to reach places, with surprising results.

The Power Breezer Mobile cooling system is a mobile atomized evaporative cooling system which does not require any filters or pads, and is capable of blowing wind up to 100 feet and cool air up to 70 with it’s high velocity fan and 85 gallon water tank. Power Breezer cooling systems are an alternative to swamp coolers, which require the use of filters and ongoing maintenance.


power breezer municipalNo one likes working in hot temperatures and heat + PPE exposes employees to heat putting a higher burden on leaders to re-staff and retrain.  Power Breezer actually lowers the air temperature, helping employees beat the heat, work longer, be more productive, and actually enjoy coming to work.

Power Breezer machines are impressive, and trusted by municpalities all over the United States and by organizations including some of the worlds largest organizations and all branches of the U.S. Military.


When people are hot, they make more mistakes impacting stretch budgets and causing issues in emergency situations. Be ready to deliver safe and cool to people when needed.

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