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Power Breezer for Manufacturing

Economies Require Manufacturing To Evolve

power breezer in manufacturingThe worlds largest manufacturers are taking monumental steps in order to improve schedules, operational effectiveness, and employee retention.  As the temperatures increase in plants across the globe, productivity drops.  Power Breezer Mobile atomized evaporative cooling system is here to protect your workers and increase production by mitigating heat in the most demanding environments.  Power Breezer cools the space without making the surrounding environment wet and does not require filters, removable media, or hoses in order to function.

When people are hot, they make more mistakes costing your bottom line in lost materials, impacts on deadlines and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Production, Facility, and Personnel challenges are amplified with Heat

With competitive pressure and production costs on the rise, manufacturers are challenged to offer services to deliver safely on-time and within tight budgets. With new safety measures required due to the pandemic, heat impacts can be amplified for employees already exposed to uncomfortable temperatures.  The Power Breezer Mobile evaporative cooling system is able to provide a level of comfort not previously possible – and with new OSHA requirements and regulations – it’s important to make sure workers are protected.

High Attrition & Reduced Productivity

power breezer in manufacturing plantNo one likes working in hot temperatures and any manufacturing process that exposes employees to heat due to process or the lack of climate control puts a higher burden on the operational team to replace, retrain, and support call outs. Several studies have demonstrated the hidden costs of heat on people and impacts on safety as well as productivity.

When proper heat mitigation is in place, workers will know that their employers value their safety.  In addition, they will be able to work longer shifts due to less extreme heat exposure.

How About Using a Regular Fan?

It has been proven that there is a negative safety impact when using fans at temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Blowing around hot air does NOTHING to reduce temperatures, which is why a system like Power Breezer is the preferred option for the most sophisticated businesses and industries in the world.

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