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Retailers Must Embrace Workplace Cooling to Meet Operations Goals

Let’s face it, no one likes working in the heat, and trailers baking in the summer heat can increase loading costs by 7X. Cool employees make fewer mistakes and are more productive.  To mitigate the cost of heat, products such as Power Breezer SKY and Power Breezer Mobile are essential.

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When it’s hot employees call in “sick” or simply just leave. In warehousing/logistics alone, the U.S. Dept. of Labor estimates an increase of 44% when it is hot. Some of our warehouse and plant customers tell us that they have seen turnover rates of 10–20X. Keep in mind trailers and the employees loading them are working in harsher temps exacerbating the impact on your team.

Power Breezer is able to actually COOL the temperature inside of trailers and hot environments, reducing turnover and overall human / cost impact.

Consumer Expectations Challenge E-Commerce Operations

To support E-Commerce growth, online retailers must strike a balance between productivity, quality, morale, and safety. With consumer demand for online sales increasing, how do eCommerce retailers fulfill quickly, accurately, and safely?

When People, our most valuable resource, are exposed to extreme temperatures, productivity plummets, and employee turnover surges. Businesses that cannot keep pace with ever-increasing customer demand while taking care of their employees could risk becoming irrelevant.

E-Commerce Fulfillment, Warehousing, Distribution, and Challenges

power breezer sky in ecommerce facilityHeat Costs E-Commerce Companies Millions of Dollars Each Year

The impact of heat on those who load and unload trailers in hot conditions is a serious issue that causes increased turnover during the summer. Our customers tell us that trailer loading staff turnover sees increases of 10-20X during hot summer weeks.  Using standard dock fans literally just blow around hot air, and can have a negative safety impact.

Atomized Evaporative Cooling Technology systems can level the playing field for retailers looking to better combat increasing attrition, heat-related safety concerns, and productivity levels to support the increasing consumer demand in the digital economy.


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