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Keeping Football Fans and Players Cool

Football season runs through some of the hottest months of the year. At that time, along with the preseason and training, football players endure some incredibly intense temperatures and conditions, which they must be conditioned to work through. However, the body can only take so much and in many cases, players are at risk for heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Additionally, during games, even fans in stadiums are at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Heat-Related Illnesses Common in the NFL & High School Football

Between 1995 and 2020, 51 football players died as a result of heat stroke according to the University of North Carolina’s National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research. This stat includes the 2001 death of Minnesota offensive tackle Korey Stringer, and the June 2018 death of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair. Both men died as a result of heat-related illnesses.

Heat Mitigation

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Injury prevention and heat illness prevention are major concerns for teams across the NFL as well as in college football and high school sports. Heat-related injuries in sports and leisure events are 100% preventable. Therefore, there truly is no excuse for conditions in American sports (professional and otherwise) that leave athletes, coaches, onlookers, and fans susceptible to injury, illness, or even death due to excessive temperatures. In recent years, many team associations have stepped up big time to find solutions to beat the heat.

Understanding the huge risks that come with athletes giving it their all in the heat, the National Football League employs a range of methods to keep players cool. Among these are ice baths, cooling benches, cooling tents, and even cold trailers to help players cool off.

Among the most effective solutions being utilized on professional football fields are Power Breezer evaporative cooling systems, which are designed to deliver a powerful, steady stream of cool air, as they bring circulation in high-temperature areas. The Power Breezer is known to drop air temperature as much as 27°F, enabling consistent, energy-efficient cooling for players, coaches, bystanders, and spectators. These fans are so effective at cooling, they are used by 60 percent of the NFL, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, during the recent 2021 Super Bowl, by many Major League Baseball teams, by high school sports teams, and numerous college football teams across the country. Look for them the next time you are cheering your favorite team!

Power Breezer is widely used in pro football as a means to help prevent heat-related illness and heat stress for players and everyone else involved in games and events. As a trusted source of technology, the Power Breezer is used on the sidelines to constantly emit cool air, without requiring excessive energy to power the machines outdoors. As a result, it is a highly energy-efficient cooling device that keeps National Football League athletes comfortable, cool, and not in danger of heat-related illness.

How the Power Breezer Keeps Things Cool

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Power Breezer offers exceptional cooling technology to cool large areas. It uses a high-powered fan to convert warm air into a cool breeze. Evaporative cooling follows this model, using a fan to transform warm air by sucking it into the system, funneling it into an atomizer with water, then and then blowing the cool air out with a fine mist which evaporates and lowers the air temperature. This cools the air and then blasts it out for intense cooling power. In addition to being used in professional and college sports, these evaporative air coolers have been utilized heavily in all branches of the military to ensure comfortable working conditions. Furthermore, companies such as FedEx and Amazon have used the Power Breezer in warehouses and loading bays to maintain safe temperatures, and they have also been utilized in various correctional facilities.


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Benefits of the Power Breezer

Power Breezer uses no filters or nozzles and as it works, it produces no buildup or residue, no calcium deposits, and no mold or mildew, which makes it a very sanitary system.

Power Breezer decreases temperatures by 27°F. And while the technology of the Power Breezer uses water to provide cooling, these fans do not get you or your equipment wet.

And while the National Football League and colleges are big fans of Power Breezer evaporative cooling fans, they are being utilized across the nation in a variety of schools for student-athletes during football games and practices. Coaches have stated that Power Breezer is exceptional for regulating temperatures, and is an excellent pairing to hydration to keep students, coaches, and everyone else on the fields and sidelines safe.

While the Power Breezer is no replacement for proper health maintenance or the necessity of staying hydrated and safe in high-heat conditions during games and practices, it is an exceptional device to help everyone at National Football League games keep their cool. To learn more, reach out to our team today!

Learn more about the dangers of heat with our helpful heat advisors.

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