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In 2021 heat waves swept across the United States – causing hundreds of deaths, thousands of heat related injuries, and long term damages and images for businesses. As the temperature began to rise there was a panic across parts of the United States and even Western Canada due to the supply of swamp coolers being […]

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Swamp coolers are common options for cooling temperatures in hot spaces, however, despite their versatility, there are many pros and cons to using them. Continue reading for an objective overview of this type of evaporative cooler, along with its benefits and disadvantages to consider. What Are Swamp Coolers? A swamp cooler, a type of evaporative […]

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Swamp coolers, a common type of evaporative coolers, are designed to provide heat mitigation and cooling using water. These machines are used in many businesses and homes in dry climates during summer and when temperatures rise to help reduce the heat. They produce cool air and circulate it in the space they are used in. […]

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