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Having reliable mechanics and auto technicians is essential to keep vehicles running well and repaired when necessary. They perform extremely difficult, skilled work in some of the most taxing conditions, involving high heat, heavy machinery, attention to detail, problem-solving, and dealing with disgruntled customers. Despite all the difficulties of their professions, heat should not be […]

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Power Breezer is one of the most advanced cooling systems in the world. As an alternative to portable air conditioning, traditional swamp coolers, and industrial high-velocity fans, they offer powerful cooling in an energy-efficient, versatile manner. Because these systems use evaporating water to conduct cooling, they are sometimes mistaken for misting fans. However, though they […]

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Athletes at all levels of competition; whether professional, college, or youth – push their bodies to the ultimate limits. During games, events, practice, and training, they are expected to perform under tremendous pressure, variable weather conditions, and often very high temperatures. To keep athletes, coaches, personnel, and spectators safe, ensuring everyone has access to heat […]

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